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  1. and the photo utricularia uxoris??
  2. Hi all I´m interestng in this utricularia, I´m looking any photo and I´m interesting in buy this plants if anybody know where find it cotact whith me for MP. I find any information in this link Regards Mario
  3. I have heard that the catalog you can send by email, so wonder if someone knows your email
  4. I doubled the message sorry jeje
  5. Hello everybody I´m looking for the email I know that to connect with Allen lowrei should always send a letter but have told me that Allen lowrei already has an email and wanted to know if you have your email and if possible send it to me in an mp to contact him. Kind Regards Mario
  6. i speak whith him but he not send me the plants
  7. Hola a todos solo queria deciros que no compreis nunca mas al usuario sarracenia19 yo le entregué el dinero de unas plantas y y jamás recibí ninguna planta...No le compreis nunca
  8. Hi I would like to bid on the plant Nepenthes bokorensis but I would first like to know if it is upland or lowland. In Spain would be nice or I needed outdoor greenhouse, forgive my English and Spanish esque'm not very good at controlling jeje Saludos a todos Mario