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  1. Hi If so much people want them in the northern hemisphere and want to pay a good price, why does the phyto don't be profitable? How much people will must be if that you make phyto papers? Bye Thomas PS. Thats are the old pics from2006?
  2. Hello I'm speakless thats so a beauty exists in the southern hemisphere since so much years. I thought spotty where the once one. Very beautiful plant geoff. I wonder if they don't find the way to the northern hemisphere, but i think you don't sell them in australia? I'm dreaming what can happen if you cross them with other spotted plants like spotty or charly mandon's spotted. These crosses must be very interested. Geoff thanks for telling. Bye Thomas
  3. Hello I have some fresh bulbs of two species from Amorphophallus for sale. I have following bulbs for sale: 1. For sale is one bulb and one small baby bulb of A. konjak. The left one has 50gramm and the right 70 gramm. The left one 5€ and the right once 6€. All bulbs at the picture for 10€. 2. This fresh bulb of A. younnanensis has 53gramm i want 14€. 3. The other bulb of A. younnanensis include the broken cuttings with a weight of 48gramm for 14€ Shippment is 4,5€ Only Paypal. Please PM me if you want. Bye Thomas
  4. Hi I don't like subulata, special this form where the flowers never open. I try to make it with a hardy form of U. dichotoma, but i have the same intention. Bye Thomas
  5. Hi Very nice Pics. The wacky is very huge and good coloured. The triton is also huge. Everytime great pics and thanks for sharing. I see you have the same problem like me with the pest of Utricularia subulata. I see the kleistogame flowers really ugly. What do you to again this? Do you have a elexir? Bye Thomas
  6. Here is mine Dionaea muscipula "Dracula"
  7. Hi Always beautiful plant. Your Plant has very red teeth. Notice Beauty's came from Germany;-) Thanks for sharing Bye Thomas
  8. Hi Really good coloured plants. I see they enjoy on your Ranch. My Favourit is everytime Jaws i love it. Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  9. ThomasL

    False vivipary

    Hi Thanks for our answers. This Plant is new in my collection since may this year. I think this plant feels good in my collection and had maked 3 Flowers and all the false vivipary at the same time. So all normaly traps died and for some months only the flower stem was to see. There is no spray from me or something other help. This plant like to propangate to the maximum. This plant is no special clone is a G10. I try to don't cut anything of this and will see what happend next year after dormancy. Here are soem more pics from this plant. Bye Thomas
  10. ThomasL

    False vivipary

    Hi Just to show you my fasle vivipary. You don't must cut them. They go down to the earth and make roots. Did you seen something before? Bye Thomas
  11. ThomasL

    Virus Infection?

    Hi Everybody Is this a virus Infection? The Pics was maked today on a rainy day. The plant grow the whole year outside in this bog with other DM, but is the only once how has these trap colouring. Bye Thomas
  12. ThomasL


    From the album: pics for sharing

  13. Thanks for your comments. Mirror is very young in soo much collections. It makes only in the autumn so strange traps and the rest of the year normaly traps. This two traps where the best looking of this plant. This is the reason to see only two leafs. About the shark tooth i have in the german forum the same discussion. I'm now not sure is it a shark tooth and i'm not sure i saw this year in thespring normaly shark tooth. Did anybody has a plant wich make in the spring and sommer shark tooth and in the autumn these traps? Bye Thomas
  14. You have everytime strange vft. I love much of your plants. I have the blck mirroor too i think i must edit my growlist with this new cultivar;-) I see you love spotty too it looks a little bit different to mine, but like a typical spotty. This plant is still the Queen of all Dionaea. (is my opinion) Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  15. Hi Folks The weather is at the moment very good in Germany and the sun is shining. So i took the chance to make some pics. Hope you enjoy a little bit. here we go 1955 Trichterfalle x Holland Red Dracula Webbed teeth Jaws Holland Red x Trichterfalle Oxford Shark teeth Petite Dragon louchapates Trevs Red dentate Dionaea grow ephytic Spotty Mirror Overview Noncarnivor, but very nice will flowering next days Aristolochia grandiflora S. leucophylla S. x wrigleyana S. x Hummers Hammerhaed S. purpurea chipola giant