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  1. Hi Just want to show some of my Dionaea. Nice colour on a typical trap of Trichterfalle Straubis Pink Green Edge Eyelash Trevs red Dentate Claytons red sunset Red fused petiole Biohazard Coquillage Hope you like them. Bye Thomas
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    From the album: pics for sharing

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    From the album: pics for sharing

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    From the album: pics for sharing

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    From the album: pics for sharing

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    From the album: pics for sharing

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    green edge

    From the album: pics for sharing

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    Straubis Pink

    From the album: pics for sharing

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    nice colour

    From the album: pics for sharing

  10. Hello Andrea Really good pics. I wish my Wiky will get these colour too. Your Fire mouth looks very special you can add it to my Wishlist. Good work and thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  11. Hi Very nice pics and plants. Most of my plants are in Flower too and i make pics of different Flowers to see the variationen. Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  12. beautiful pictures I love your Sarracenia and Dionaea. Is your Akai Ryu x microdent a step to make a red microdent? I see the Flower Stalk at the plants, whats your next crossing with this plant? Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  13. Hi Wonderful plants. Your Ping without a label schould be a P. grandiflora ssp. rio ara. Its very unique. Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
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    New plant

    Hi This plant have only a few people in Europa, even me. But its not alowed to send in the usa without papers. I don't have them. sorry Bye Thomas
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    New plant

    Hi Chipola is the Location Data. Its a River in Florida. The plant grow under much light to full red pitchers. The pitchers can be go very huge. I had them two and a another plants called chipola giant and they are really beautys. Hope it helps. Bye Thomas
  16. Hello very beautiful plants did you have. The have all a very good Coloration. You must have very optimal growing conditions. Thanks for sharing. The freak is a very strange plant. Is it a special cross? Bye Thomas
  17. Realy strange!! Which species was the Motherplant? Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  18. Don't let us wait to long with your new plants. ;-) I would be very happy with such a red microdent like yours. Bye Thomas
  19. Hi Everybody The Winter is the worst season of the year. But today the Sun looks a few hours and i took the change and make some Pics with my new Camera from my Plants. The Colour of the plants is very good and i hope you you like the Pics. 1955 Australien red rosette Crocodile Ellis Shark tooth Dracula Dracula Louchapates Marstons giant Marstons giant Microdent Microdent Red Burgundy Red Burgundy Oxford Red Piranha Red Piranha Spotty Spotty Trevs red dentate Trevs Red dentate Trevs Red Dentate Bye Thomas