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  1. very nice colours. wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hello The same here. I read something about, but i don't know what is it for a plant. If anybody know something about it, please let us know. Bye Thomas
  3. Hi No pics. Looks like a typical good coloured plant. Bye Thomas
  4. Hmm I think there is a small different between this plants. The first (leaf cuttings) never will produce spotteds. The seconds from rhizom deviding who stopps spotts, are not sure to start again to make spotteds. I my eyes the chance for this case is very high for the second plant. I saw some "old" spottys and there was one how start again spotteds. Bye Thomas
  5. Hi Yuri I think both case are possible. But you must remember when you labeled as unspotted thats a leaf cutting. Also can be thats a spotted spotty are reversed and stop to make spotty leafs, so called them unspotted ? But this isn't a leaf cutting. What do you make in this case? Bye Thomas
  6. Hello Yuri Nice plant on your Photo. I try this experiment some years ago with the same resulttat. Leaf Cutting works, but the plants don't make any spotts. You mut devide your Motherplant to get a spotted plant. If you are succsessful you see it at the small plants. For your Plant called "only spotted is wrong in my eyes. Its better you called "Dm spotty from leaf cutting." Thats the Truth in my eyes. Bye Thomas
  7. Hello Does anybody has a idea if this white variant exists? I saw i Picture on Nicoles Homepage, but never saw them anywhere. Its a really Beaty and want to know its in culture or not. Hope anybody can help. Bye Thomas
  8. Hello Steve Very nice pictures. I love the different dichotoma Flowers. I wish i had these forms. ;) Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  9. Hello Thomas Very good pictures. I see i must feed my plant too. My plant doesn't look soo huge. I remember our "special" fertilizer". I have lot of them too. ;) Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  10. Hi Here are some of my Utris. I love the pretty small Flowers. U. dichotoma U. livida SAF U. lateriflora Adelaide Hills U. blanchetii large white Flower U. blanchetii large Flower U. blanchetii violett U. minutissima large Flower Gunung Tahan U. chrysantha yellow Flower Kings Cascades Hope you love them. Bye Thomas
  11. Hi Another Feature of Louchapates is some fused teeth and the fused End of the Trap. The Plant makes this traps the whole year and you can see a different to typical trap before the trap opens. Also the Trap is long and lightly arced and the whole plant has a good colour and deep red traps. The Trap makes only Ground Traps and no upright Traps. Your Plant i sa little bit small and i cant see all the features, but it can be a Louchapates. Where do you get this plant? Bye Thomas
  12. What a Beauty... I like antho free Sarracenia too. I wish i had a small spare from it. Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  13. I can't belive it thats so bib traps are in Culture. Guillaume i think you are the winner. My biggest trap is this, but only 3,7cm. I think i must make something wrong?
  14. Thanks all for the compliments. Coquillage is one of my favourite, because i love these very short teeth with the red colour. Bye Thomas