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  1. Hi Guys

    Here in Germany the Sun comes out for a few days and i take the chance to make some pic from my plants to show them.

    The sping is the best time in the year for the ammount of flowers.

    Here we go

    first S. flava var. ornata in my outdoor boggarden one of the first open pitcher this year after S. oreophila.


    Many Flowers are at my S. minor typ giant x leucophylla. Will make pics when they open


    S. x mooreii very beautiful colour


    U. blanchetii flowering at a long time (Ithink about 1 month of course) in the same pot with S. purpurea chipola giant seedlings.


    P. grandiflora switzerland in my boggarden It was the first flower from all plants this year


    P. grandiflora rosea bought this year sharing them to say Thank you very much for this beatiful plants



    P. vulgaris BGL Sonnenleiten wich small pretty flower


    C. follicularis with a very good red


    Dionaea red burgundy one of my oldest plants grow them outdoors and survive every year without problems


    Dionaea australien red rosette


    Dionaea B52


    Dionaea weinrot (colour of red vine)


    Dionaea Schuppenstiel with flower


    Dionaea red burgundy with swatooth UKII


    I hope you like them.

    bye Thomas

  2. Hi Laurence

    I 've got a antio. venosa from you and they also start a flower so i can look at the flower if there is any red flush inside.

    Is my plant the gentical identy with your plant or not.

    But the Flower are started it needs more time.

    Bye Thomas

  3. I used 10% Perlite no more. I take more sand, but it isn't the problem in the winter.

    I think its thats the coldness go around the pots and all frozen.

    I had no losts in my outdoorboggarden, only plants in pots even in huge pots.

  4. Hi

    Here in Germany too.

    Some plants wich where very big are dead.

    For example i lost a very big low giant. This plant don't like too much coldness. The smaller wacky trap survived.

    I don't understand this.

    Easy say it it's too long too cold.

    Bye Thomas

    I like thats the spring will start ;-)

  5. Hi

    I have among CP some species from Aristolochia. I find these Plants are very important.

    The flower is really indescribable.

    The plants grows very fast.

    Wich people have Aristolochias too and how you grow them.

    I have tree species. A. littoralis, A. trilobata and A. grandiflora.

    I'm looking for Aristolochia eriantha. Does anybody have a spare or seeds for me?

    Thanks Thomas

  6. Thanks you all for the comments.

    I'm happy that you like my plants.

    @ Thomas You know that the minor typ giant x leucophylla is my baby.

    @ jimscott I've never seen so a beautiful plant how make in the autumn so dark red.

    @ Laurence The minor typ giant x leucophylla makes huge Pitchers with a lengt over 50 cm and the mouth is really big.

    Bye Thomas

  7. Hi

    This is my first photo post at the cpuk. I hope you like them.

    The pics are from the whole year.

    Sarracenia oreophila


    Sarracenia minor stocky form


    Sarracenia minor x (leucophylla x minor)


    Sarracenia minor x (minor x psittacina)


    Sarracenia minor x (minor x (minor x psittacina))


    Sarracenia leucophylla typ white x psittacina


    Sarracenia minor typ giant x leucophylla


    Sarracenia Hummers Hammerhead


    Sarracenia moreii burgundy


    Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var chipola giant


    Sarracenia oreophila x chipola giant


    Sarracenia x wrigleyana


  8. Hi

    I talk again with my friend and now i can to solve a riddle.

    He was at Mike King Open Day in the year 2007 and he buyed this plant, but he didn't buy it from Mike.

    He buy it from another seller at the open Day from Mike.

    So i think the real name is only ornata.

    Thank you all for trials.

    Bye Thomas

  9. Hi

    I've got this plant from a friend at the last year. Its a flava ornata, but he says its a plant from Mike King.

    Are there some more Information than only flava var ornate.

    Does anybody knowe the MK Code number?

    The pictures are from the spring in this year. I hope its enough stuff for a Identification.