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  1. Hi I don't know if you are still know about the Problem, but i cant make a blank line. I must writhe all text in Messages or Topics in on line, like this. Is it possible to Remake it? Bye Thomas
  2. You are of course a vft expert. What named this klon? ;) Dionaea tentaculata? I would take a lot of them and would pay a Ass of full money. ;) Bye Thomas
  3. here comes the rest hope you like them. Bye Thomas
  4. Hello Just show some pictures. to be continued
  5. I will start the competition. Here is my plant. A picture with the ruler has be send to trev. Its a South west giant Bye Thomas
  6. ThomasL

    Dm SWG

    From the album: pics for sharing

  7. Hello My first idea it can be a virus, but you told the white stripes comes quickly and not creeping. So i think its a temporal genetic mistake. It can be these stripes stand the whole year, but more possible in my eyes is that the gone in a few weeks or months. The plant make a transition over the year, with difficult traps and petiole. So its more probably it goes away anytime. Thats my opinion. Bye Thomas
  8. great pictures. Is the one picture a S. luteola? Thanks for sharing. Bye Thomas
  9. Another idea is everybody make two pictures of his favourite trap. One picter with clear plastic ruler to send trev and on picture without ruler to post it. So everybody can see some traps. Just a idea. Bye Thomas
  10. Great Guillaume Trev can post a small report and can tell how many pictures he arrived to make the contest attractive.
  11. a Idea for a price is a spare of guilaume big clones. I never grow a plant with 5cm traps. Just a idea.
  12. You all right. I wish there where more entrys for this nice competition.
  13. I don't can see any picture. A white vft is as a long time on my wishlist.
  14. Hi I tryed it often, but its not possible for me to order over redfernna. There a undefined error. I send a message, but no answer arrived me. Please can i order it over another way? Bye Thomas
  15. Hi My Kinky wave still makes this unusual traps. Its the first time that i heard they is not stabil. But your fire mouth looks very good and i hope i can get them next time. Bye Thomas
  16. Hi It looks like a successful cross to made a red microdent. Thanks for showing and let me know if you have a spare for me ;) Bye Thomas
  17. ThomasL

    Green Mutant

    Hi Really nice plant Guillaume. If you have a spare for me please let me know. Bye Thomas
  18. Great plant Lucien. Is this a cross between microdent and a red form?
  19. Yes the size is OK. I don't know the size of the traps, but the Pot is 11 x 11cm. Bye Thomas
  20. Thanks for compliments The Pom pom grow since 6 months and i keep my finger crosses that still make pom poms. Cup trap ne clone is a new form of the cup trap, much more vigorous as the old form. Ist a beauty. Bye Thomas
  21. Nice Pics Stephan I also have some crosses with Funneltrap. I notice the Feature of Funneltrap come back at the second generation of a backcross. I have a lot of small Funneltraps with a red flush from Trichterfalle x Holland red F1. The Feature of Funneltrap is definitly available to go over seeds. Thats my Opinion. Bye Thomas
  22. Hello Long Time ago if i show some pictures of my plants. Here are some from the sunny August. Bert Blezer giant Trevs red dentate Coquillage Cup Trap new clone Dente Fondue Gap Teeth Inner red Line Jaws Louchapates Monkey Ass Pom Pom Shark Teeth x Dentate Smiley jaws Straubis Pink Sunrise Werewolf Whale Hope you like them. Bye Tohmas
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    From the album: pics for sharing

  24. ThomasL


    From the album: pics for sharing

  25. ThomasL


    From the album: pics for sharing