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    Hi I maked a little Experiment at my Aristolochia grandiflora how has a Age of one year. And now i know the Growing speed at one Day is 8cm. Is this good?;-) Bye Thomas
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    The Plants have the best Flowers wich i know. Its elengance a synonym from grandiflora?
  3. Hi I have among CP some species from Aristolochia. I find these Plants are very important. The flower is really indescribable. The plants grows very fast. Wich people have Aristolochias too and how you grow them. I have tree species. A. littoralis, A. trilobata and A. grandiflora. I'm looking for Aristolochia eriantha. Does anybody have a spare or seeds for me? Thanks Thomas
  4. Thanks you all for the comments. I'm happy that you like my plants. @ Thomas You know that the minor typ giant x leucophylla is my baby. @ jimscott I've never seen so a beautiful plant how make in the autumn so dark red. @ Laurence The minor typ giant x leucophylla makes huge Pitchers with a lengt over 50 cm and the mouth is really big. Bye Thomas
  5. Hi This is my first photo post at the cpuk. I hope you like them. The pics are from the whole year. Sarracenia oreophila Sarracenia minor stocky form Sarracenia minor x (leucophylla x minor) Sarracenia minor x (minor x psittacina) Sarracenia minor x (minor x (minor x psittacina)) Sarracenia leucophylla typ white x psittacina Sarracenia minor typ giant x leucophylla Sarracenia Hummers Hammerhead Sarracenia moreii burgundy Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var chipola giant Sarracenia oreophila x chipola giant Sarracenia x wrigleyana
  6. Hi I talk again with my friend and now i can to solve a riddle. He was at Mike King Open Day in the year 2007 and he buyed this plant, but he didn't buy it from Mike. He buy it from another seller at the open Day from Mike. So i think the real name is only ornata. Thank you all for trials. Bye Thomas
  7. Hi Do you mean next year at the 6 june? I think its very difficult. I need every space for buying your plants.;-) I can make a photo from every future wich you want. The plant is in a outdoor bog garden without a pot. Is the plant so important? Bye Thomas
  8. Hi Mike You doesn't recognition your own plant?;-) Than is no way to become more information. I will labeled as flava var ornata (with skimpy dress) I will come next year at the 6 June to mike and will looked self. Thanks Bye Thomas
  9. Hi I've got this plant from a friend at the last year. Its a flava ornata, but he says its a plant from Mike King. Are there some more Information than only flava var ornate. Does anybody knowe the MK Code number? The pictures are from the spring in this year. I hope its enough stuff for a Identification. Thanks.
  10. Hi great plant with a big different from early year till now. Good growing! I think it must be milimeters at your measuring tape. Bye Thomas
  11. Hi I will see over the winter if the chipola giant is hardy and will report you in the spring. @gardenofeden I think we must talk together about your space problem Bye Thomas
  12. Hi I grow my chipola giant all the time outside. So its a purpurea how is very hardy. Why doesn't can grow they outside over the winter. The Collectin seeds by a self pollination is very rare there are often problems with the flower. The last was that they didn't make pollen. If you cross chipola giant with other Sarracenia you will alltime get much of seeds. Gardofeen its a very great plant. Do you have only one plant of chipola? Bye ThomasL
  13. Thats right stephen Its only a purpurea hybrid. Since this year i buy only from Persons how i know the name of the plants are 100% right and this plants i can take for a selfmade cross. I will label this plant as purpurea hybrid i think thats right and no more. Bye Thomas
  14. Hi @ Dave Do you mean it is a natural hybrid of some purpurea and venosa. I think its more possible it is a clon C. The Futures are the same. And i see only one Part of a Parent purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana. I want to make new hybrids and crosses only with plants with a correctly and full name. I thinki will sell this plant next year. Thank you all Bye
  15. Hi Thanks all for the Answer I think i´t is the clone C from extreme plants. But Clone C is a very boring name for the label. So i can all the seeds abolish. Bye Thomas
  16. Hi I have bought this plant only as Sarracenia. I'm not sure is it a real montana or a hybrid with montana. Wich people can help me? The first pic is from summer and the second from today. The flower was deep red and the pitcher is 20 cm in the length and 4 cm in the diameter so i have o lot of seeds with self pollination with no sure name. Thanks
  17. Hi Its not a clon. Its a location variant. The full name is: Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa var chipola giant Chipola is a tributary from the Apalachio river in Florida. My chipola is in 36cm in the diameter and one pitcher has a size from 22cm with a wide of 7cm. Its my most important Sarracenia. They just flowering so i hope thats give a lot of seeds. Bye
  18. Hi The S. x "Glider" is amazing!!!!!!!!! Where do you get they from?
  19. Hi Trev I grow my Trichterfalle since January outside in Germany. In the spring they makes almost only funnel traps, but now only typical traps. I think in the autum they make some funnel trap. I hava a clon who makes typical traps and has the same petiole like a funnel Trap. This DM grows near the funnel Trap. Sometimes i cant see the different. Sorry for my bad english Bye
  20. Hi I grow my Trichterfalle outdoors and at the spring they makes only funnel traps, but now there only normal traps.
  21. Hi I've got the same plant like you for many years. But I think the real name is not Sauromatum guttatum or venosum. The real name is Typhonium venosum. And when the plant flowering she doesn'n need erth or water.
  22. Hi I understand our problems i've the same one. I progangated only vegetatively, but i have some where ara flowering and i pollination her self but i dont now that the F1 has the theme future as the Motherplant.