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    D. weinrot.jpg

    From the album: pics for sharing

  2. ThomasL

    D. B52.jpg

    From the album: pics for sharing

  3. ThomasL

    D. B52.jpg

    From the album: pics for sharing

  4. Hi Thomas Looks great your new boggarden. So you have many place for your plants. You mast make a update after a few weeks so we can see how feel the plants in there new home.;-) Bye Thomas
  5. Hi everybody I bought this plant and i'm not sure is this a red venosa. There are no hairs at the Outside of the Pitcher, but the is very huge and the top looks like a venosa. Can you help me? Best Regards Thomas
  6. Hi I feel good. Of course i will enjoy the Flower. It where one of the first highligths this year. (don't think at the 20 boring flowers from S. flava var. flava);-) Bye Thomas
  7. Hi Laurence I 've got a antio. venosa from you and they also start a flower so i can look at the flower if there is any red flush inside. Is my plant the gentical identy with your plant or not. But the Flower are started it needs more time. Bye Thomas
  8. ThomasL


    Hi Yes Amar its definitly a S. oreophila. So much Phyllodia. Is there no flower to see? Bye Thomas
  9. Hi Looking very good. Are they leave cuttings from washed traps? Is it pure white or lightly green? Bye Thomas
  10. ThomasL

    my vfts....

    I used 10% Perlite no more. I take more sand, but it isn't the problem in the winter. I think its thats the coldness go around the pots and all frozen. I had no losts in my outdoorboggarden, only plants in pots even in huge pots.
  11. ThomasL

    lost plants

    Hi Here in Germany too. Some plants wich where very big are dead. For example i lost a very big low giant. This plant don't like too much coldness. The smaller wacky trap survived. I don't understand this. Easy say it it's too long too cold. Bye Thomas I like thats the spring will start ;-)
  12. Hi nice pictures. Your venosa with huge pitcher looks a little bit like my chipola giant. Thanks for sharing Bye Thomas
  13. Hi I maked some pointed crosses this year and they germinated at the window board. I try to put they outdoor at the end of the spring. I think between the flowers of S. flava and S. leucophylla. It is enough Help? Bye Thomas