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  1. Hi Andreas, thanks for your information! Most of my other tropical drosera as time goes by, fill the pots with their natural clumping tendencies. Wonder if this specie will continue growing after flowering and clump form to fill the pots. Propagation by division would then be another possibility. Also, with my other tropical drosera leaf pullings will strike in correct conditions, wonder if this specie would lend to this possibility as well. Have a great day, Good growing-Katie
  2. Hi, I have some Drosera banksii growing well and anticipate flowering. Any tips on successful pollination? tx for your help! Good growing-Katie
  3. Hi, seems every time I have a chance to get to purchase a roridula from tc, by the time it arrives the wonderful plant is totally black and lifeless from transport? Any tips on getting this one in a collection greatly appreciated! Oh, and if anyone has been successful acclimating from tc if arrived alive. thanks for your consideration, Good growing-Katie
  4. Hi, wondered if my Drosera neocaledonica would like highland conditions or warm petiolaris complex culture paramaters? I see new growth points from the base of a recent tc transplant currently in with my petiolaris/high light/high temps/ peat/perilite etc. thanks! Good growing-Katie
  5. Hi Greg, thanks- will try to figure out the pics/post-if not will shoot you an email of my plants from your seed. The other plants are from cps uk-I joined and donated seed for trade, probably your seed as well. I will send you a list of the location data with the pics - if it looks right to you I know it will be right! thanks again - Good growing-Katie
  6. Hi, thanks for your information- looks like the Byblis goliath cross polination from different goliath seed is working as the pods seem to be swelling after the branch pointed downward toward the soil after pollination. Also, interesting to me is that I have a densely branching green liniflora that after self polination produces purple colored plants under the same light. Amazing species- thanks again- Katie
  7. Hi, I have blooming plants of byblis guehoi, filifolia location plants and goliath. I noticed the branch that supports the guehoi flower has pointed decidedly downward toward the soil after polination with another plant from same location. Does anyone know if this means anything as far as pollination success? Also wondered if these plants can be crossed with success. Thanks for any information! Good growing! Katie
  8. Hi, tx I will put in with my subtropicals- thought it was a heat lover! Won't repot then as I thought the soil was the issue thanks for helping! Good growing-Katie
  9. Hi, any tips on growing correctly drosera oblanceolata greatly appreciated! I have mine growing with my petiolaris complex/byblis, high light, 60%humidity,50/50 peat/perilite, tray water-seems to be retracting. My only one really hate to lose it. thanks for any help, Good growing-Katie
  10. Hi, tried but no seed-definitely genetically distinct. Good growing, Katie
  11. Hi, I have a byblis goliath blooming, but does not pollinate like my linflora? I use a stiff brush and get tons of seed from my liniflora but not one developing seed pod on the goliath? Any tips greatly appreciated! Good growing, Katie
  12. Hi, I have a flowering Ibicella in my greenhouse, but none of the flowers have produced seed pods. After a few days they just retract and drop while new flowers emerge from the clusters. Any way to had pollinate one plant? Thanks for any help! Good growing, Katie