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  1. Keep up the good work! Apparently you really like ice cream.
  2. Nice pictures! Can you post a picture of the whole plant as well?
  3. Yes, it is very normal when a Mexican Pinguicula is flowering this time of year.
  4. Most of the Mexican butterworts need dormancy but Pinguicula 'Tina' is a strong hybrid. My Pinguicula 'Tina' always goes dormant and during this period it makes shorter and less sticky leaves. Don't worry about the flowers because this hybrid will make a lot of new flowers in no time.
  5. My plants look the same as yours. I took these pictures yesterday. Pinguicula esseriana: Pinguicula 'Weser':
  6. This plant resembles a P. rectifolia, a mexican species.
  7. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 1. Pinguicula rectifolia (with a missing petal) 2. Pinguicula pilosa 3. Pinguicula gypsicola 4. Pinguicula crassifolia 5. Pinguicula 'Jannes' 6. Pinguicula cyclosecta x ehlersiae
  8. Piranha

    ping ID

    I'm doubting between P. agnata and P. ibarrae.
  9. I'm also thinking of some kind of Pinguicula moranensis but I don't know exactly which one.
  10. The right flower on picture 7 is definitely not from a Pinguicula 'Weser'.
  11. Pinguicula gysicola growing on a lava rock.
  12. I read in this article that both names are used for the same species. Take a look at the introduction in culture part.
  13. Short resume: - The correct spelling is P. moranensis var. orchidioides - P. orchidioides is the former P. stolonifera - P. moranensis var. neovolcanica is used for different moranensis species. For example P. moranensis Guerrero is the same as P. moranensis var. neovolcanica Guerrero.
  14. I've already seen 2 kinds of spellings but now I'm wondering which one is written correctly. Pinguicula moranensis var. orchidioides or Pinguicula moranensis var. orchioides?
  15. During my holiday, about a month ago, I found the opportunity to install some grow shelves for my Mexican Butterworts. My plants were slightly suffering from a lack of direct light. I'm very pleased with the result. Here is a picture without the plants but meanwhile they are all growing under artificial light.