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  1. James, just got an email from you but the return address powerontheroad returned a failure, can you send me an email with your real address,



  2. James, just got an email from you but the return address powerontheroad returned a failure, can you send me an email with your real address,



  3. I have just taken some pictures of the Heli i put under the bulb and by some fluke it is exactly 1 month to the day that the plant has been under it. The Heli i used was an H. minor i aquired earlier this year. It was a small plant that hadnt grown much over the summer while it settled in. It was entirely green with no colouration previously. Pigmentation appeared on the pitcher almost immediately and now as you can see from the pictures there is significant colour in the plant especially on the inside of the pitchers. There are also three new pitchers growing. I am very happy with the result
  4. Hi guys, In the last couple of days one of my heli just shrivelled up. Nothing has changed, it hadnt even been moved. Here's a couple of pictures. All the leaves have dried up. There are a couple of new leaf tips in the centre so it may not be a gonner yet but i dont know why this has happened. Another pot, a division of the same plant, is doing fine next to it... Andy
  5. No my Heli's just sit on the Kitchen windowsill facing east. Very far from ideal for light levels but it is cool. They don't grow quickly but they do ok, it's a low maintanance setup:-). I just got the two lamps setup and put one of them over one of my windowsill Heli's. If i get the colouration you are seeing i will be very happy. Andy
  6. i just got the bubblewrap in for the first time as well, putting it up on the inside is going to be alot of work, ie moving my benches, any reason i cant fit it to the outside of the greenhouse with tape?
  7. Out of interest, do people mostly sow sarra seed on peat or does anyone use sphag? I was considering sowing them on super sphag so that the pots would remain free of rubbish for longer and the seedlings dont have to compete with moss...
  8. Well i hope they work 'cos i ordered 2 bulbs today and then i had to go to argos and get two lamps to put them in. But i think its a great idea and as my Heli's curently live on an east facing window they could do with the love....
  9. What are you using for the roots and the pitcher feeding?
  10. mobile, i'm liking the look of your setup, can you link me to the lamp on argos' site (i like the look of that lamp) so i can go buy one and stick a Heli under it! I simply dont have the space or time for complex lighting and terraria so this would be perfect to try. -edit: dont worry, i didnt realise that industrial look was the bulb itself! Andy
  11. Can always write GBP if you cant be bothered searching for our symbol :-)
  12. I planted out a barrel bog full of Darlingtonia this spring and was just wondering if i need to protect it over winter. The plants used did not come from the greenhouse but are usually kept outside in a sheltered position over winter. I cannot move the barrel now as it is too heavy so is it advisable wrap it in some insulation or is this unnecessary overkill for the Darlingtonia? thanks Andy
  13. second this question, i would like to know any good suggestions as well.
  14. Hi all, I got my first R. gorgonias a month ago complete with bugs. I was looking for some general advice for care over winter. Its currently in my greenhouse which will be kept above 5DegC all winter. Is it fine to leave in the greenhouse in these conditions over the winter or should i bring it into the house? For survival of the plant and the bugs... Also how often should i be watering it over the winter.... thanks Andy