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  1. N.edwardsiana x red hairy hamata. N. Villosa x hamata N. Klossii x red hairy hamata. N. Hamata x klossii
  2. I,m also surprised of the lack of insects that some have had. All my pitchers have rotten due to the overload of insects that they have court. And it didn't half stink the greenhouse out of rotten flesh. I also think its been a great year for the plants fantastic colours. And strong pitchers better then last year.when they suffered due to the lack of sun.
  3. Great photo's si. I,m dreading it when my 6 Rajah's get to that size.
  4. Now this is a hard one?? After a very long think. N. klossii is my favourite species. Second to that also n.hamata
  5. I'm in the Evesham area of worcestershire. What part are you from?.
  6. I agree this week i,ve never seen so many flies/wasps in the sarrs are full to the brim with flies and wasps that there falling over with the amount that they've court. Yum yum
  7. Si I'm in the same boat as yourself. On my last drop of water:( Why don't you invest in buying a RO FIlter your worries would be over about using tap water. It's one of the best things I've ever got. :)
  8. Hi alex. what i use in my highland nep greenhouse's at winter time is a Bio green Black Forest Catalytic Heater 4000A run on propane gas. i,ve never had any problems or lost any neps in the winter time. also you can set the temps night times 10c and in the daytime 25c. The only problem is finding some where safe to store the propane bottles.
  9. djh

    Coco husk chips

    What's every ones thoughts on COCO HUSK CHIPS as a growing medium for nepenthes. I'm thinking about the size of 10mm to 20mm size chips.
  10. Borneo Exotics are attending the Hampton court show this year.
  11. Hampshire carnivorous plants had a mention on bbc 2 this afternoon. Great looking display as always.
  12. To all of us in the midlands area looks like we will be getting one hell of a lot of rain tomorrow. They say 2/3 inc.
  13. The gardensuper store has a good range of sizes of hanging pots at good prices Check out the link.