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  1. Although, that's not entirely bad, apparently... .
  2. Hi everyone! It has a while since I have been active here on the forum but there seems to be something wrong with my "N. Ventrata". . It seems to refuse to make more than one pitcher at a time, I mean it's quite odd, because when the new pitcher opens, in a matter of 2 hours or so the other pitcher starts to dry up. It's like if they were doing a relay! Other than this, the plant seems perfectly healthy. Well yeah, if there is any way to get it making more than one pitcher at a time I would be more than grateful to know! Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton , -Calek.
  3. Hi everyone! If you could please tell me what this cactus is I would really appreciate it! I bought it at the home center the other day. Thanks a ton! -Calek.
  4. Lovely plants you've got their! I've always had a soft spot for the Ampullaria...
  5. Nice and dewy! Good job !
  6. Pretty flowers and pretty snake! The snake does look a bit like a slug...but I like it!
  7. Lovely seedlings! I also have also noticed the same thing with Cephalotus seedlings, the colour varies a lot. But They all usually end up the same colour when they grow.
  8. I totally agree . Hope it is a success!
  9. A nice flower you got there...and the title's pretty funny to, in it's sort of way.
  10. calek


    That's a spectacular sight! It reminds me a little of the Coffee plantations we have here in Colombia...