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  1. Really nice collection of Cephs and great photos too. All you seem to be missing is Eden Black!! Wish I could get hold of a Dudley Watts or Hummers Giant myself so far have only been able to acquire Big Boy.
  2. Im all out of peat at the moment and im about to order some moorland gold from this website: http://www.organiccatalogue.com/catalog/pr...e8da979f521b5e1 45 Litres for £11.45 but not sure on delivery costs!!! was wondering if anyone knows if this is the cheapest online price??
  3. Weve just had a heavy shower here in Birmingham so hopefully there is plenty more to come, are we mad wishing for rain?? well im not complaining its well overdue was down to my last couple of litres and nothing but rainwater will do for my much pampered CPs!!!!
  4. Hopefully this will help Pat, its a link to Barry Rice's field trip to Western Australia!!! http://www.sarracenia.com/faq/faq7643.html
  5. Same here ive only lost some Drosera Capensis Normal and Alba so its not the end of the world, although i know people have struggled with Dionaea Muscipula this winter!!
  6. Ordered mine a few days ago!! there is also Dionaea Muscipula, Nepenthes Alata, Rajah and Bicalcarata. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Insectivorous-Plant-...=item3a58b028ad
  7. Ive got some leaf pullings and root cuttings on the go at the moment but there currently sitting outside in my mini growhouse where the light levels are not great due to it being winter. Most people when it comes to Cephalotus propagation use grow lights!! so im thinking of investing in some, does anyone know which are the best and if the envirolights are any good as i only want a small set up??
  8. timmi

    yellow trap

    Nice Ceph you got there!!! but after seeing your latest picture, what is the black mark just to the right of the middle rib and slightly on the middle rib too. Im no expert but ive never seen this on the cephs ive owned, so can anyone shed any light on this??
  9. Nice Ceph!!! glad you managed to get hold of one and If you dont mind me asking where did you get it from???
  10. I recently brought a typical Cephalotus from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants for a very reasonably £11.50 although they are currently out of stock i think due to them exhibiting at the Chelsea flower show. They are produced from division and are already producing mature pitchers, mine has three mature pitchers and loads of smaller pitchers unlike the smaller juvenile plants which they sell for £9.00. I previously also brought a juvenile Cephalotus from another online seller only to have it suddenly keel over and die after seven days!!! I would also second what Petesredtraps has advised previousl
  11. Thanks for all the great information and "fingers crossed" i will keep you all posted, if and when they germinate!!
  12. I have have decided to give them a go outside without stratification in my mini growhouse where they are covered with small plastic bags to help humidity, should i place them at the top of the growhouse or lower down where they wont receive full sun?? and also has anyone had success with a heated propagator or is this not advised with cephalotus?? thanks for the help already guys Timmi
  13. Hello all, I have recently obtained some cephalotus seed from the CPS Seed Bank. I have sown them in small plastic pots one with chopped live sphagnum moss and the other a mix of peat, sand & perlite and covered with small plastic bags as instructed. I plan on growing them in a small mini growhouse with my other CPs but Im unsure if the seeds need stratification as have read some people do stratify and some dont?? so was hoping for a little guidance from anyone with experience of growing these wonderful plants?? Thanks in advance Timmi