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  1. Yes I have with no problems, but believe there’s a forum thread about the manufacturers mixing it with normal compost
  2. I used to think regia was sensitive to high temperatures, now i'm not so sure. Mine spent last summer getting baked in a south facing conservatory where it gets full sun all day, it's coming back into full growth now we're getting some sunny days (even if it is freezing outside). Conventional wisdom also suggests regia likes a drier soil than other Drosera - I disagree, mine is very thirsty and stands in water permanently through the summer. For sure i agree that a large, tall pot is a necessity the roots are really long, in a fairly open potting mix with plenty of perlite.
  3. I’ve also used it on sarracenia with no problems, on occasion have applied it to Cephs and drosera too.
  4. I had the same problem and had to register a dispute with PayPal to get my money back. Suggest you do the same. I've noticed his website is working again, not the way to treat your customers
  5. After a slow start mine are looking good, I'll gladly try to take a leaf or pitcher cutting off red rocket for you in the spring
  6. Chappers

    Seed sowing

    Sow mine in the autumn now, seem to get earlier germination that way
  7. I can only agree, never had any problems with Carnivoria, plants are always healthy and a good size. Will happily order from them again
  8. Cancel that, he continues to ignore my emails about my order. Really wouldn't advise anyone to order from this guy...
  9. Just started using a bag of this myself, it looks OK good colour and texture
  10. Been a while since I grew rotundifolia but they look like winter resting buds as the plant goes into dormancy
  11. If you want to split it you will need to let it go dormant so it needs to go in the greenhouse. I'd leave it now until spring.
  12. I don't use auto openers as I'm always worried about strong winds catching wide open windows and causing some serious damage. Opening the door is rarely sufficient, even in winter, you really need some forced ventilation i.e. fans to circulate the air to keep mould at bay
  13. They're best left alone as much as possible as they don't always react well to being repotted and can 'sulk' for a while. As you've already repotted once I think I'd leave it. If you feel you must then the dormant period is ideal, make sure to take cuttings in case the worst happens
  14. Likewise - my leucos and leuco hybrids are still going strong. It's worth cutting back the older pitchers to promote air flow around the base of the plants to prevent mould
  15. I had an email from him today, he has been away on holiday
  16. They're not that fast growing but need to be kept warm to get them big, I've had them go close to 30cm stood on a south facing windowsill all year round. They do start to look untidy at that size so I periodically cut them back to the base and they reshoot quite vigorously. Currently at 15cm and flowering like mad
  17. A small paintbrush is by far the most reliable pollinator
  18. I never said I was voting to stay in, I'm undecided. Just saying EU legislation on the environment is better than our domestic legislation and forced the Government to get its act together. If only the EU would issue a green belt directive to stop Cameron from building houses all over it
  19. Depends how many bees you get on your plants and whether you want specific or random crosses. If you want some certainty you'll need to pollinate. Use a paint brush to dab some pollen onto each stigma - the little pointy bits around the edge of the style, I think there's 5 of them without going out and counting.
  20. That'll be the spent stamens you're seeing not seeds. Have you pollinated your flowers?
  21. Yes spot on James, it wasn't so long ago the Thatcher Government was resisting the Bathing Water Directive so industry could keep dumping shite into our seas. Whether you like it or not EU legislation has cleaned up our industry significantly, vast reductions in things like carbon, SO2 and VOC emissions, and much tighter protection for rare species and habitats.
  22. Likewise - I've had viable self pollinated seed but I understand it's quite rare
  23. Mine have been down to -18c in the greenhouse and survived though I wouldn't recommend it. Been down to below freezing again this year when I forgot to turn the heater on, with no ill effects. I normally heat to 3 or 4 degrees during winter but they're tough plants not too fussy about soil mix or watering. Ventilation is key with Cephs though to keep the mildew and botrytis at bay