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  1. Hello my friends :)


    A few weeks ago I bought myself a 4K camcorder and a couple of macro lenses for it. This has allowed me to add some 4K videos to my carnivorous plant channel: 




    I have 182 carnivorous plant videos on my channel, and the idea is to demonstrate to people just how awesome these plants are, and hopefully capture details which show just why us collectors love them so much. With the latest videos being in 4K resolution, hopefully they are among the cleanest and most crispest videos available out there. :)

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  2. Hi all,


    One of my biggest hobbies is photography and I've spent the last year taking hundreds and hundreds of photos of my 500 carnivorous plants, using my Nikon D5100 with it's standard lens and 105mm Macro lens. I've narrowed down these photo's to the 12 pics that I am most proud of, and have put them together to form a calendar for next year. I think it would be awesome for us carnivorous plant enthusiasts to have this hanging on our walls :)


    Here is the link for it: http://www.lulu.com/shop/robert-cornforth/carnivorous-plant-calendar-2016/calendar/product-22313038.html


    It also includes previews of all 12 images.


    Please consider checking it out.


    Thank you for looking :)


    (posting this here with permission from the admin)



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  3. You must have ventilation. What do you have that needs frost protection?


    I was under the impression that Cobra Lily's, Sarracenia's, VFT's and Sundews all required some sort of frost protection. My understanding was that they could tolerate *some* frost, but prolonged amounts could be harmful to the plants. What is your take on it?

  4. You're right, the plants are in an awful state. By the looks of them they;re neglected under a bench with little or no airflow and reduced light. You appear to have old aphid / scale damage and what looks like mildew / botrytis.

    The Provado  should have taken care of any remaining parasites so now you need to clean up the plants by removing all that old dead and dying growth and improve their growing conditions. With luck you may save a proportion of what you had.


    Hmm. Little or no airflow, sure, because I've closed the doors and vents to the greenhouse in case of unexpected frost appearing. However a shortage of light shouldn't be an issue as they are not under a bench, but on the top shelf of my greenhouse. 

  5. Hi all,


    A couple of weeks ago, I bought half a dozen B52's from one of the larger UK online CP retailers. 5 of them are doing fine but 1 of them is not. I'm not entirely sure what is wrong though, as it gets plenty of sunlight and is situated in a couple of cm of rainwater. The container is being shared with 7 other B52's and they all seem fine. Any ideas as to what is wrong?









  6. Hi all


    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered half a dozen B52's from a well known online seller (don't want to mention the name in case it comes across as discrediting them). 5 of them are completely fine, but 1 of them is not. Thing is, I'm not sure what the issue is. It has plenty of sunlight and it always in a couple of cm of rainwater. It's also sharing a container with 7 other B52's which are all doing fine. Can anyone see, using these photos, what the problem could be?








  7. Hi all,


    Over the last few weeks, I've had a few somewhat isolated incidents with my pitcher plants. I say isolated, because I have 5 or 6 'sections' of pitcher plants and what I am writing only applies to one section.


    For some unknown reason, some of the traps have started to become deformed. Others have had their lids go crispy (on my largest ones as well, which worries me), and a few of them have flopped over (as you can see in the photos below). Does anyone know why? They have good sunlight, and are kept in about an inch of rainwater and are sprayed with rainwater every few days. Their colours are nice and green and there aren't any other indications of causes, from what I can see anyway.




















    As always, any help is appreciated. Thankyou. 



  8. In case you are not aware, one thing to remember is that seed from the mentioned plant will not produce an identical plant, so will not be a true DC XL even if it looks he same.


    Hmm, really? This is news to me. I've been collecting the seeds from various plants over the years, including B52, South West Giant, Red Form, Big Mouth etc. So will the seeds just grow up to be standard venus flytraps?

  9. Hi all,


    I've decided I would like to create a mini bog garden next to my greenhouse, but first I would appreciate your input.


    1. I'm not sure how many litres I would need to fill the space. The measurements are approximately (inches): 60 x 40 x 8 (W x L x D)


    2. I am currently experimenting with compost / perlite combinations. Compost from carnivorous plant sites, specifically made for these type of plants, can be very expensive. I recently bought 15 litres of compost for £20 from one site. Yet, yesterday, I bought 100 litres of Irish Peat Moss from my local garden centre for just £8 and am planning on mixing it with some perlite to see if my plants will survive. Do you think they could survive with this mix?


    3. I am planning on putting Venus Flytraps, Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia Flava's, mainly) and Sundews into this bog garden. Would that be the right decision? Because I think the flytraps and Sarracenia's would be ok, but I'm less certain about the Drosera. 


    Thanks for any feedback :)

  10. @dreamfalcon - sorry for the late reply, but wow those shots are incredible!!


    I either use my Nikon D5100 or the camera on my Sony Xperia SP to take photos. 


    The Nikon has the highest resolution for the more crisper images, and of course the depth of field can be change to achieve those more professional looking shots (people compliment me on my photos, and while I appreciate their kind words, I still think that having a DSLR makes good photography a lot easier).


    I use the Xperia when I don't have my Nikon on me, as well as when I want to take more vivid photos. 


    The Nikon allows for shots like this:




    But I tend to find that the Xperia can sometimes catch light better, such as this photo of the afternoon sunset, comparing both cameras:



  11. All of these photo's look great, but wow the VFT 'Fang' looks incredible. I am fortunate enough to have one, and was able to divide it earlier this year, which is good because they are quite rare (I assume it is because they are relatively new), and expensive. 

  12. Ooh, if we're having a dig at Royal Mail, can anyone join in ? :smile:

    I use Royal Mail a lot (for posting non plant items), and one thing i've noticed the past year or two, is that every time i take a parcel in for weighing and sending, i am always asked "what's in the parcel ?". Apparently, everyone's a bloody suspect terrorist these days and it's really naffing me off. So if you're ever asked what's in your parcel again, just tell them "The contents are personal and have nothing to do with you. There is nothing in there that contravenes Royal Mail's prohibited items list" (which you can pick up a copy of in any Post Office). And if the assistant gets all huffy when you deny them their 2 minutes of authorative power, just ask them what's in their handbag/wallet and see how they like it !

    Seriously though, do Royal Mail think that telling all their staff that they have to ask the customer what they're posting is going to get a honest answer ? "Oh yeah, i'm posting a bomb and would like it sent 24 hour overnight please as it needs to get there in a hurry" :laugh1:




    Also, while we are having a dig at Royal Mail :P....


    A few months ago, I sold half a dozen Venus Flytraps to someone in Europe. I was asked what the contents of the parcel were. Thinking nothing of it, I just said "oh it's just some carnivorous plants". She said "you can't send plants to Europe". I was quite gobsmacked, especially considering I am on the verge of setting up my own mini business and was hoping it could go on to be international.


    She gave me a leaflet, listing the 40,000 items you can't send abroad and the 3 things you can. Sure enough, plants are on the list of items you can't send to Europe :\