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  1. Hello, Guys SFVO03 var. ornata -- heavily veined lid , Greenswamp , North Carolina (Ainsworth 99) (CA,SFO07) H5 S.x Moorei -- Wilkerson's red, Walton Co, fl (BG) x S.x Moorei -- Wilkerson's white knight, North Walton Country,fl (BG) ( SXM17 x SXM18 C.A ) H3 S. 'Lynda Butt'(CA,SX100) SFVO05 var. ornata -- Apalachicola National Forest, FL (W) (SM) 2006(F220,MK) -(CA,SFO22) SFVO04 var. ornata -- giant tube,fine vein -(CA,SFO08) Enjoys!
  2. Hello do you have Black widow for sale ? i want!

  3. Nepenthes Sibuyanensis ! Enjoys, Valentin
  4. Hello, I believe that every I Of Héliamphora are going to die:x :affraid: We have me to advise(recommend) to handle(treat) them with a product and to put in a cool place them, of the blow I them went out of my terrarium, put in under ground under a small window with little of liminositè stay more than has to cross fingers..
  5. Nice, Sarracenia ... Woooooooww ! Greenhouse, Hiii Very Good ... Val !