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  1. Konnichiwa! While waiting for the update04, I took all photos on March 28 in 2018. I have been confused about the opinion that is the cold storage damages Nepenthes seeds. The other experiences that contradict this opinion, though much shorter period than N. eymae (storage for 5 years in refrigerator). I sowed N. aff. truncata seeds in a plastic container in August 2016, though they(plants) still have been neglected in the plastic container. I stored the remainder of the seeds into the refrigerator, with no silica gel. I sowed them in vitro on March 6 in 2017 (&
  2. update 02 About storage, My thought for the moment, 1: the seeds should be high quality in the first place. 2: cold storage is necessary. 3: keep or control the seed moisture content (IMPORTANT) 4: inhibit propagation of bacteria and fungus 5: something I have no idea
  3. While waiting for the update02, I am not sure it is an appropriate thing species being categorized as Lowlanders, Intermediate or Highlanders, so far as the seed viability. But, among Lowlanders, the appearance of N. northiana seed is significantly different from N. ampullaria. We probably should consider to separate N. northiana from the amp/raff/bical group. What do you think of it? I am trying to grow N. northiana from a few sourses. I feel N. northiana seed viability is a bit longer than I expected. Another N. northiana seeds I obtained in April, 2016.
  4. Dear Werds-san, Konnichiwa! Yes indeed! You are right! Could you please share your opinion about "How old is too old?"? Kind regards from the Far East
  5. Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for your understanding! _intentional (artificial) removing_ Kind regards from the Far East
  6. Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! I believe you are a great Nepenthes specialist in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland....... O.K. To all, Don't reply about my seedlings, When I post the updates, you will know. Just reply about your experience. Dear Whitefox-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for your experience!!! Kind regards from the Far East
  7. Dear Werds-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for the reply! I must say the seeds/seedlings are definitely Nepenthes. I recommend you to edit your reply before I quote your reply. O.K. I will post the update. Kind regards from the Far East
  8. Konnichiwa! First of all, I am not a Nepenthes enthusiast, but I like Nepenthes. I am quite unfamiliar with Nepenthes. In fact, I have been hardly growing Nepenthes in greenhouse. I remember the disappointed look (facial expression) of the great German Nepenthes & Heliamphora specialist, who is a worldwide distributer, when he saw a dying tiny Nepenthes (only one I had in my greenhouse at that time) in my Byblis greenhouse (see the far bottom in the page 1 of the thread: http://icps.proboards.com/thread/2348/scented-byblis?page=1 ) after the ICPS international conference in 200
  9. I'm not an anime fan, so I have not watched this movie, but I know this song. I have sometimes listened to this song since first hearing the original in 1968. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or an intentional selection. The younger brother of the lyricist (Hachiro Sato) died in the same prefecture in 1945. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6hEjB6pt-E Here are the trailers with this song. for the U.K. members for the German members https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xm0rU7YVtI for the French members https://www.youtube.co
  10. Please go to "What are you listening to right now?"
  11. Konnichiwa! When I grew it about 40 years ago, as Drosera arenicola (mis-labeled). It survived through the summer (terrible hot temperatures) of Japan. Kind regards from the Far East
  12. Dear Mujinamo-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you for the interesting photos! Would you cross them? Kind regards from the Far East
  13. Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for the valuable information and good advice! Please keep posting. I will definitely try your fashion! Kind regards from the Far East
  14. WOW! I am very impressed! Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! May I ask a few questions? I am quite unfamiliar with Nepenthes. In fact, when I saw the pithcers in your photos in 2014, I thought your veitchiis were Bario (or Bareo) form. Please go to: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53485&hl=veitchii And now I am quite confused. I cannot identify which form of veitchii you have. To avoid mess for my very limited Nepenthes growing area, it would be nice if Bario clone could climb a tree trunk voluntarily. To my knowledge (very poor), The lowland form (variation): an
  15. Is the colour a bit purplish rather than black/brown? If so.....
  16. Dear Luca-san, Konnichiwa! I hope you never be bullied as a weeaboo! It sounds nice! Please add "Onsen" (hot spring) and "Ryokan"(Japanese traditional Inn) to your list. It seems the British guy really enjoys his life in Japan. Unfortunately I have no experience to eat such super expensive Wagyu (beef) though. Kind regards from the Far East
  17. I hope it wasn't a worst nightmare you had ever had.
  18. Bulgarian version: They are woodblock prints, not paintings. Original: I don't know why they know the pronunciations at Jomon Era (145th century B.C. to 10th century B.C.). I searched something for U.K. members. BEFORE I was a bit interested in the next model of the CITY, CITY BULLDOG, in those days. Unfortunately I never owned it. AFTER I can’t identify individuals!