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  1. Dear Werds-san, Konnichiwa! Yes indeed! You are right! Could you please share your opinion about "How old is too old?"? Kind regards from the Far East
  2. Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for your understanding! _intentional (artificial) removing_ Kind regards from the Far East
  3. Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! I believe you are a great Nepenthes specialist in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland....... O.K. To all, Don't reply about my seedlings, When I post the updates, you will know. Just reply about your experience. Dear Whitefox-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for your experience!!! Kind regards from the Far East
  4. Dear Werds-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for the reply! I must say the seeds/seedlings are definitely Nepenthes. I recommend you to edit your reply before I quote your reply. O.K. I will post the update. Kind regards from the Far East
  5. Konnichiwa! First of all, I am not a Nepenthes enthusiast, but I like Nepenthes. I am quite unfamiliar with Nepenthes. In fact, I have been hardly growing Nepenthes in greenhouse. I remember the disappointed look (facial expression) of the great German Nepenthes & Heliamphora specialist, who is a worldwide distributer, when he saw a dying tiny Nepenthes (only one I had in my greenhouse at that time) in my Byblis greenhouse (see the far bottom in the page 1 of the thread: http://icps.proboards.com/thread/2348/scented-byblis?page=1 ) after the ICPS international conference in 2002. Back to the subject, My German friend (not the above-mentioned specialist, but he is also a specialist) kindly sent Nepenthes eymae seeds to me in 2013. I sowed the seeds in vitro, they germinated very well. Recently when I was tidying up the refrigerator, I found the remaining of the seeds without silica gel. Just curiosity, I sowed the seeds on February 9 in 2018. The seed was 5 years old. I noticed its germination a few days ago. I took the photos on March 2 in 2018. I have often heard the viability of Nepenthes seed is quite short. It might be the fact when it came to the Lowlanders? What is your experience? Kind regards from the Far East the germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds the germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds the germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds the germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds the germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds
  6. I'm not an anime fan, so I have not watched this movie, but I know this song. I have sometimes listened to this song since first hearing the original in 1968. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or an intentional selection. The younger brother of the lyricist (Hachiro Sato) died in the same prefecture in 1945. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6hEjB6pt-E Here are the trailers with this song. for the U.K. members for the German members https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xm0rU7YVtI for the French members https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVjk5MR_0OM If you are an anime fan, it might worth watching. According to the reviews and the director's statement, 1) This is not a war movie, but Suzu's day by day life (story?). 2) It is not nearly as depressing as "Grave of the Fireflies". Someone wrote "So Grave of the Fireflies vol.2? My feels aren't ready." I know very well the two movies that I referred to often cause endless barren argument. If you want to, please go away and start making an argument at an appropriate place, because the tittle of this thread is "What are you listening to right now?" Personally, living in the Far East and considering the recent situation, I plead for resolution of "nobody of both sides chooses the worst option (Oppenheimer's deadly toy)". One more song, Again I'm not an anime fan, so I never watched, and will never watch the anime he is showing. But I think his translation is the best one. I guess it could be achieved by his background. This is a most ironic military song. Someone wrote: “Such a cheerfull song untill you translate the bloody lyrics, j........” At another site: “The happiest song about dieing in the snow i've ever heard?” In fact, this song was modified as the original was sissie, and then both were banned during WW2. At the very end of the lyrics in the modified version, the subject was replaced the military with the soldier (lyricist) himself. In my opinion, this song (at least the lyrics) is an antiwar song. The guy in this video is singing the original. I know some Westerners (including anime fans with innocent feelings) like this song. I wonder if they really understand the meaning of this song. I suspect they are singing the modified version in the anime he is showing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2656D8gv5Co
  7. Please go to "What are you listening to right now?"
  8. Konnichiwa! When I grew it about 40 years ago, as Drosera arenicola (mis-labeled). It survived through the summer (terrible hot temperatures) of Japan. Kind regards from the Far East
  9. Dear Mujinamo-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you for the interesting photos! Would you cross them? Kind regards from the Far East
  10. Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for the valuable information and good advice! Please keep posting. I will definitely try your fashion! Kind regards from the Far East
  11. WOW! I am very impressed! Dear Manders-san, Konnichiwa! May I ask a few questions? I am quite unfamiliar with Nepenthes. In fact, when I saw the pithcers in your photos in 2014, I thought your veitchiis were Bario (or Bareo) form. Please go to: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53485&hl=veitchii And now I am quite confused. I cannot identify which form of veitchii you have. To avoid mess for my very limited Nepenthes growing area, it would be nice if Bario clone could climb a tree trunk voluntarily. To my knowledge (very poor), The lowland form (variation): an epiphytic form?, but not climbing a tree trunk like the highland climbing form The highland Bario form (variation): as known an unusual terrestrial (prostrate) form The higland climbing form (variation): the climbing (a tree trunk) form Highland climbing form and Bario prostrate form, Bario form is of the similar form as Highland climbing form ,as anyone could see by the dense bristles of its leaves(except on the adaxial surface?), stem and tendrils ,and the wavy-shaped leaves. Perhaps these features would be appropriate for climbing a tree trunk. I wonder Bario form could climb a tree trunk. What do you think of it? The clone, which I would like to let it climb a tree trunk, is a small plant from N. veitchii (m) EP in the photos below. I obtained this clone from Mr. Yukio Kosaka. I use his photos with permission. BTW, Kosaka-san said he didn't know the name N. veitchii (m) indicated a single clone or multiple clones. His EP (m) has a feature that its peristome keeps expanded (not curl to backward) perpetually as far as all the pitcher's life. Also Kosaka-san said the peristome of N. veitchii (m) in the photo on the Mansell-san's facebook did not have Candy stripes and its peristome was curled to backward. Anyone knows about (m) of N. veitchii EP? photo 1: Kosaka-san's N. veitchii (m) EP photo 2: Kosaka-san's N. veitchii (m) EP photo 3: Kosaka-san's N. veitchii (m) EP photo 4: Kosaka-san's N. veitchii (m) EP, an aged pitcher, the same pitcher in photo 3 Please note the peristome. Kind regards from the Far East
  12. Is the colour a bit purplish rather than black/brown? If so.....
  13. Dear Luca-san, Konnichiwa! I hope you never be bullied as a weeaboo! It sounds nice! Please add "Onsen" (hot spring) and "Ryokan"(Japanese traditional Inn) to your list. It seems the British guy really enjoys his life in Japan. Unfortunately I have no experience to eat such super expensive Wagyu (beef) though. Kind regards from the Far East
  14. I hope it wasn't a worst nightmare you had ever had.
  15. Bulgarian version: They are woodblock prints, not paintings. Original: I don't know why they know the pronunciations at Jomon Era (145th century B.C. to 10th century B.C.). I searched something for U.K. members. BEFORE I was a bit interested in the next model of the CITY, CITY BULLDOG, in those days. Unfortunately I never owned it. AFTER I can’t identify individuals!
  16. Dear School teachers and School kids, Many people consider this is child abuse, child labour, machines, robots, Lack of individuality…. bunch of negative things. But if you are a school teacher or any person involved in educational activities, this is worth watching. For other members, just for killing time…. This young British guy strives for settling into a weird country, where stores open eleven days a week, and finally he ate concrete floor. Kind regards from the Far East
  17. Dear TheCarnifreak-san, Konnichiwa! There is a potential risk. But usually the tropical Byblis seeds germinate within 2 weeks (or a couple of days) under the condition that I recommended. And I guess long-term lower temperatures and very wet condition might cause tropical Byblis seed death. Considering the location where you live, My location is advantageous than yours. The mid-summer climate where I live is very hot and humid. It might be similar to northern Australia (except dry season). The full-sunlight is very strong. I recommend you search Greg Allan-san's posts in this forum. The north latitude in the location where you live is almost the same as the location where he lives. I believe there are some suggestions and hints for you in Greg-san's posts. May your seeds germinate and grow up outstanding plants! Kind regards from the Far East
  18. Dear TheCarnifreak-san, Konnichiwa! Please go to: http://icps.proboards.com/thread/1866/liniflora-patience?page=1 Concerning cross pollination that Adelae-san mentioned, Please go to: http://icps.proboards.com/thread/4953/guehoi-tropics?page=1 If there is no supplemental light, I might recommend you to wait until April. Because full-sunlight is very important, if you would like to grow tropical Byblis beautifully. Kind regards from the Far East
  19. Dear MaxJ-san, Konnichiwa! Please watch two videos for the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMiMDXXaAvw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqp9qLZQHWI Kind regards from the Far East
  20. Dear Alexander-san, Konnichiwa! That's a major "WOW" factor! What do you think of the factor(s) letting your plant so beautiful colour? full sunlight, soil pH, cool temperatures, a large temperature change between day and night, high humidity, some stresses etc. ... or combination of some factors It seems any clone could be coloured to beautiful deep red in your cultivation. (except anthocyanin free clone) Dear Werds-san, Konnichiwa! Your plant is very nice, too! Kind regards from the Far East