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  1. kateemes

    LB Gigantéa

    Big traps and a very nice plant
  2. kateemes

    LB Gigantéa

    How much do the traps measure?
  3. Hi Olivier,

    i'm interestin to buy Darlingtonia Californica Seed

    Have you available?

    Regards from Spain


  4. kateemes

    Is it a Gypsicola?

    Identified. It is a P. moctezumae x Medusina See thes post: http://www.cpukforum...showtopic=47637 Images:https://www.google.es/search?q=moctezumae+x+medusina&espv=210&es_sm=93&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=Pvy7UsioFObw0gXe7oCoDw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1265&bih=804&dpr=0.9
  5. kateemes

    Is it a Gypsicola?

  6. kateemes

    2013 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition.

    A Seedling Plantev ( extra plant order)
  7. kateemes

    Ideal pots for vfts

    I bought them in a growshop, are used for the cultivation of cannabis .
  8. kateemes

    Is it a Gypsicola?

    It has flourished. Maybe now with photos of the flower it easier.
  9. kateemes

    drosera regia flowers

  10. kateemes

    drosera regia flowers

    My D. Regias is in greenhouse in winter and outside in summer. Still have not flower, its leaves are 35-30 cm.
  11. kateemes

    Ideal pots for vfts

    This year I'm using bigger pots in summer with high temperatures I have problems, the substrate becomes hot and some plants die, I hope this problem is solved with these big pots.
  12. kateemes

    Is it a Gypsicola?

    winter rosette
  13. kateemes

    Is it a Gypsicola?

    Possibly gypsicola x Moctezumae, of all the photos I've seen of Pinguicula is the most similar. An cpphotofinder photo: http://www.fotop.net/averyorchids/P_gypxmoct/DSC_4542_nEO_IMG_Pinguicula_x_gypsicola_x_moctezumae
  14. kateemes

    Is it a Gypsicola?

    I have several Pinguiculas like this but do not know what is. I think a lot like gypsicola but I'm not sure. Thank you.
  15. kateemes

    P. Medusina

    I apologize, because I have been informed the person who sold me the plants says the seeds were contaminated by other Pinguicula, also I have noticed over time that are not Medusinas. All were right. Sorry.