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  1. Sad news Sorry to hear this Phil as would be the 1st time this in the history of the society. At the start of the society we had more then one a year. It's may help if news for shortage of items was put on the site of the society half way through the year as even if you got too much they could alway put to the next one. And a posting on this good forum with closing date and asking for more items would may help. If I done a write up like did many times for the newsletter, but bigger & photo's would I waste my time as I may not be able back in the society after putting my dismay of lack
  2. Hi All Which do you like the best or are type you grow the most? As we over time find that a plant like a condition the best and gives many flower and traps , we all in the end have best type for a time. It would be nice if you add which are your best plant at this time here too.
  3. Hi As there are so many societies out there now. It would nice to know if you feel the service you get from your local or world wide society is working to give all in the best in the world of societies? As there are so many different societies that give a good site, Good meetings, good newsletters or Journals, has good joining packs. Quick replies to your questions to committee. What would you change in your society to make it better and to get more to join it ? I know that most societies run with people that are working in there spare time, but I have had many reports that some other pla
  4. Thanks TIM For the update about the newsletter as this is of help to all membership. May be a note could be placed on society site when there is a notice from the committee member about an item too
  5. Thanks for the replies UV is used in many flowers to aid the plant to get insects to pollinate them. And these are normally like arrow or pointing markings. But do these Catopsis berteroniana, Brocchinia reducta and Brocchinia hectioides UV have design that points to the water or is it just there to block out the high UV that is around the plant to stop damage to cells of leafs? The liquid in the middle may have a wetting agent, but is from the plant or from all bacterias and oils from the dead insects? Yes darlingtonia does use a bacteria to help the plant cells take in the nutrients and
  6. Thanks for the reply and you have putting me right on the details. But has it been look at to see if a deal can be done with other societies to have committee member that reports to you of local events and look at a joint action on helping to give knowledge to the public on lost of bogs, plants. And also a joint funding to have a calendar that many growers and others may wish help with cost to place adverts. It could also help with dates that other society is holding. I'm sure that many sites, societies, growers and others would help to sell them and it could help to get money to help buy up
  7. I have grown plants that have taken -17C here in the south of ESSEX and still there were OK. I have updated the page so there are some photo's of the snow we had here on Monday 2nd Feb 2009 and link to another page a few more. You will see that a Darlintonia is covered in snow and below the plant has it's flower buds ready for this year and today 4th I have looked as the snow melts that there is no damage to them. I found over the years that if Ice does not damage the growing tips and the soil has not gone to an Ice cube, so the roots are damaged the plants can grow well. What I have found
  8. Hi Find that the idea that our plants are doing great at Kew good and as person that gave them dozen of plants for the collection, as in the 1980's Kew lost lots of there plants and they did not have staff to care for them, but they are know doing good and I like that they are making many copies to send to other gardens around the world. and that seed is add the great seed bank for our kids to see one day. See this page for more photos and some text.
  9. Hi Yet to see that many plants here in this topic are allowed to be placed into the family on insectivorous /carnivorous plants. 1) Attracts prey to trap. 2) Ensnares and Kills prey. 3) Digests into it's own plant cells. What is the tests that have been done and who did them to find out that these are in our great family of plants. I know that there are many plants which have defenses that kill or stop damage to the plants. But I find it hard to allow plants which kill by defense into our plant group. I also find hard to know which plant is being tested and by which group. and I would
  10. Hi These plants are not in my knowledge to be classed as insectivorous as the plants do not: 1) Attracts prey to a trap. 2) Ensnares and Kills prey. 3) Digests into it's own plant cells I know that smell of other dead insects may bring some insects to them, and they may use the water to drink or to lay eggs into it. the insects may just fall in by mistake or knocked in by droplets of water from rain or mist. The plant may take in water into it's cells, but is due to need to get more water or due that it needs to stop rot or the pressure of to must water bending the leafs. Or it may have
  11. Yes I did but it was still a good item to talk about at this time as I saw no other topic that i wished to add too. But now I have.
  12. Hi Great work by all that took part. I hope to more of this year "2009"
  13. Hi The ICPS has done a good job and with the committee work done over the years, by many. But it's name is I feel is not right for a reason. 1) Only USA committee members and there membership base must be mainly from the USA. I feel a re name to" The National Carnivorous Plant Society" should be done if the below is not done. Yes USA has many local societies so the above name is the only real name it could have if re-named. I know that they have many members from all over the world which is good, but many other society also have membership that are from all over. I Know that it's had th
  14. Hi I have found that Insectivorous plants will grow with other mosses but only small types that just cover the soil and not the plants. But with many off our plants it's best to grow using the right S.moss as this grows were you find the plants in the wild and it does hold water into self well and that the moss plant cell are thin and does not have much chemicals that can damage the roots of our plants. Because the S' moss plant has such small cells and this why peat bogs can take 100 if not 1,000 of years to build up peat, which is made from it with some heather and few grasses. This why
  15. Hi Orange sarracenia ? There are some plants that have copper / orange type colour at the top of the trap, But not a full orange colour like the fruit. There are a few crosses which has almost orange colour flowers, but yet again I would not call them a full orange as they are three main colours in the sarracenia family " red, yellow & yellow green ". But with so many crosses and with the place a plant is placed with the right light, heat, water, you may see a real orange colour. There are many other Insectivorous plants which have orange flowers.