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  1. You can also use universal AC/DC adaptor with selectable output voltage and manually control speed of fan. One good adaptor is sufficient for 3-4 fans, depending on their size and speed.
  2. Bayer Garden Systhane Fungus Fighter is myclobutanil and it's mainly for black spot, rust, powdery mildew. You can try using fungicides based on chlorothalonil and/or azoxystrobin (eg. Amistar by Syngenta), fenhexamid (Teldor by Bayer) or thiophanate methyl (Topsin by Nippon Soda). I don't know if they have the same names in UK. Does the fan blow fresh air into terrarium or is it closed inside and just stirs air? Maybe try to open terrarium from time to time...
  3. It's a result of shipping stress combined with new conditions (different light, maybe lower humidity). I agree it's normal. Obviously plant needs to acclimatize and next pitchers should be OK.
  4. Very nice collection! Hirtifloras between rocks look marvellous.
  5. Wonderful plant, like three-layer cake ;) What day/night temperatures do you provide for your plant, especially in winter?
  6. Beautiful photos, Daniel! These dark violet flowers are ravishing :)
  7. Very interesting work! I've seen earlier your other videos with D. granduligera, but now it's great to read about it from scientific point of view. Thanks!
  8. If potting mix is made by me or it's from trusted seller, I always reuse it, usually mixing with new soil. Of course if it isn't decomposed, rotten, etc. Sometimes I throw away a top layer, when it's full of mosses or weeds.
  9. Beautiful Sarracenia collection! Leucophylla is my favourite :)
  10. Out of idle curiosity, I tried to make such a composition, but with much smaller lava rock (about 10 cm high) and three common Pinguicula hybrids. I wondered if bigger rock will be soaked up to the very top, but as I see, everything works fine :)
  11. Impressive! And what about the watering in growing period? Does rock stand in shallow water?