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  1. No, I'm not dead yet. I'm just extremely busy with homework. After quite some, my neps. N. viking from seed. N. x hookeriana N. sibuyanensis N. rafflesiana 'Bau Red Giant' N. albomarginata 'Black'(Kuching something ...) N. rafflesiana 'Kuching Squat red' N. albomarginata 'Cameron Highland' My very overgrown N. x ventrata N. x indah flower. Is this female??? Looks different than my miranda's one. N. truncata, hidden in the leaves.
  2. Nope Malaysia has no spring. Not sure how far from the equator, but very close to it.
  3. My NOID hybrid is flowering! I love that big red flower. So adorable and cute. And my ping flowers too.
  4. Well, thanks for the advice. The grasshoppers on my plants seems to be declining. Maybe it's because it rains here almost daily.
  5. I'm just an innocent 14 year old and those bugs are chomping my neps everyday. I don't have any other plant they like to eat and I'm very stressed with them, annoying little brother, schoolwork, sports practice, and preparing early for an important examination. Well, I guess I have to squash every grasshopper I see now.
  6. The title says it all: Grasshoppers are munching on my neps!!!!!! I hate them hate them HATE THEM!!!!!! Now my plants are full of holes. One of my pitcher is even chewed in half. Some of my neps leaves are no more, except for the middle part which connects to the pitcher. How can I repel or kill these evil insects before they swarm like locusts and munch my plants to death?
  7. Thanks for the advice, i will ask my gardener for it next time.
  8. Beautiful. I hate purpurea a lot, because mealybugs usually attack them first.
  9. To that person whose neps all died, do not give up!
  10. My S. purpurea and D. intermedia is infected with mealybugs. What should I do to get rid of those annoying pests?
  11. Here is my largest viking seedlings. I forgot who gave the seeds, so long already, but thanks to that person, I have my first nep from seed. My largest picher. So cute and small.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm so angry because my father keeps asking me to repot them.
  13. My sarras are around 2 inches in diameter for the rhizomes. My pings are around 3 1/2 inches. The ceph is tiny, the whole plant being 3 inches. The pots are around 4 inches. They have been in the media for not more than a year. The ceph should be almost a year old while the sarras are not even half a year old.
  14. My dad is forcing me to repot my plants which includes 3 sarra, a ceph, and 2 pings(1 is producing 2 flowers). I'm afraid I may disturb the roots and cause the plant to die or stop growing. Should I really repot them?
  15. Although I live in Malaysia, I have yet to see a wild nepenthes. Looks like you have fun. Nice and beautiful photos.
  16. Wow! Amazing. The ice balls looks so cute.
  17. My Sarracenia. Most of them have lots of dry leaves because i forgot to water them 1 hot day. oops. The place I put my non-nep CPs.
  18. Here is my newly bought N. madagascariensis(such a long name) The place where I keep all my CPs.
  19. plantlover

    My 2 VFTs.

    Here are my 2 Venus Flytraps. Typical and all green. D. muscipula 'Typical' D. muscipula ' Green'