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  1. Hello! 1. Drosera roseana 2. Drosera prolifera 3.Drosera adelae Flower Attention! Posible mutation? In the leafs, in some parts, not exist gland! The last 2 leafs have this mutation, maybe permanent and a new cultivar? Dionaea muscipula typical Is normal this colour? See the dents! You can see drosera nitidula and scorpioies Mi Dionaea muscipula cv. red piranha New traps! (100% original) Nepenthes rafflesiana "Kuching Squat Red" Nepenthes Truncata Nepenthes albomarginata "Spotted"
  2. Yes! My longifolia have a month with the flower...and not opened in this moment...the flower now are ensanching
  3. Oskar desde australia dudo que te venda nada xD
  4. My longifolia no grow but make a flower xD
  5. My longifolia always make "roots" to up the leaves...i think that this success because the humidity is high a
  6. Dieter, for your droseras now i love this genus! jajaja Thanks! Incredible collection!
  7. Good flower, im searching utrics with location...xD if you can swap...xD
  8. I put seeds in my germinators of: -U. pussilla -U. erectiflora -U. minutissima Take me luck!
  9. I dont understand one thing...my calycifida have more leafs than you calycifida, and my livida have a lot a lot of leafs, but they dont make flowers...
  10. Polyestirene a chemical reation with pesticides and fertlizers??
  11. Thanks all, is the same that i think, i cant see any problem. Thanks! My plants that have in the mix are growing good
  12. Well, in my experience the live sphagnum the best position is in the topdressing in the pot. When I started with Utrics i put peat in the top, but the leaves and the flowers cant emerge, or, emerge very slow....
  13. Hello! I have a dude. Hi, I'm using polystyrene foam for mixing with the substrate the Utricularias, I've tried it on 3 and are luxurious, far better than other. Well, I have read and are not biodegradable, its pH is 6, and does not decompose. Do you think it eventually can give me a problem? I think not .but .... you help me? If you think that not are a problem, today i mix the otger utricularas
  14. Nicole, in 1 week I have seeds of U. minutissima, U. Pusilla and U. erectiflora. Well, I see that you germinated U. Geofrayy....how time need the seed for germinate? Thanks, like always, you utricularia are espectacular, incredible, beautiful
  15. Hola tranchette, me alegro de que te interesen las utris. Si quieres tropicales yo tengo...pero aun no podré separar Hello, im very pleased with you interested in utrics. If you wants tropicals i have...but for the moment no
  16. Uau! Strange, in my u. nelumbifolia, in one of the leaf, are a mass of tramps and a little little u. nelumbifolia new xd