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  1. Hello! 1. Drosera roseana 2. Drosera prolifera 3.Drosera adelae Flower Attention! Posible mutation? In the leafs, in some parts, not exist gland! The last 2 leafs have this mutation, maybe permanent and a new cultivar? Dionaea muscipula typical Is normal this colour? See the dents! You can see drosera nitidula and scorpioies Mi Dionaea muscipula cv. red piranha New traps! (100% original) Nepenthes rafflesiana "Kuching Squat Red" Nepenthes Truncata Nepenthes albomarginata "Spotted"
  2. Yes! My longifolia have a month with the flower...and not opened in this moment...the flower now are ensanching
  3. Oskar desde australia dudo que te venda nada xD
  4. My longifolia no grow but make a flower xD
  5. My longifolia always make "roots" to up the leaves...i think that this success because the humidity is high a
  6. Dieter, for your droseras now i love this genus! jajaja Thanks! Incredible collection!
  7. Good flower, im searching utrics with location...xD if you can swap...xD
  8. I put seeds in my germinators of: -U. pussilla -U. erectiflora -U. minutissima Take me luck!