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  1. I'd avoid that, especially on damaged leaves. Use only fungicides on the plant. You can use hypochlorite or ethanol to disinfect the pot and the tray before using them again.
  2. The root system is gone, I'd guess a fungal infection by Pythium/Phytophthora or something similar. You have to remove all the rot tissue (probably the whole root system) until you find healty stem and take cuttings (or you can also keep the stem as is). If you have an appropriate fungicide use it. You may want to cut part of the leaves to reduce transpiration.
  3. Looks like N.glabrata/jamban/dubia or something similar to me too, but difficult to say in that shape. There must be something wrong with the conditions, I'd guess temperature is the main factor. The substrate looks wet too, but it could just be the picture.
  4. Here in Europe you have to buy them directly from hobbists, but I know that in Asia there are legit nurseries who breeds them (a few years ago there were a few in Thailand at least, I don't know if they still operate)
  5. It's for sure one of the many ebay(/social network) scammers who flooded the market with poached and fake seeds over the years. Ebay seems to have recently changhed the rules for seeds trade and now they probably all moved to other sites. Don't bother asking the sellers, they are all scammers. The seeds ARE poached, they collect everything they can from populations of lowland widespread species and sell the seeds as random sought after species. Not only they are poached and seeds of different species, but they are also very likely to be so old that they won't germinate. Don't support them in any ways, please. And yes, if they truly were the species advertised they would be illegal to buy. Some of those grow only in national parks.
  6. Why wasting time with random resellers online? You pay more to have less and with absolutely no warranty on anything. And it's just for a few euros "saved". Those people make money just because some brands seems to be "trendy" these days. Keep in mind that plants can't care less about brands (and this apply especially for products advertised with phrases like "with NATURAL whatever"), I'm sure you can find equivalent products to that one locally without having to pay the shipping.
  7. You can use any fish food you have, it is irrelevant if it is from insects or whatever else. If you want decent results it is extremely important to feed your plants.
  8. That treatment definitely does not kill seeds (unless you mix in a huge amount of ethanol). The color change is probably just caused by hydration and it does not indicate that the seeds are dead. Just wait more time. Be very careful with Nepenthes seeds, most of the seeds sold online are poached.
  9. Why are you using GA3? I don't see any reason why it should improve germination of Nepenthes seeds. Also, why are you assuming they should sink after such treatment? If you bought those seeds from some random sellers/resellers online then it's probably old poached trash from some lowland species which will never germinate. If it's fresh material from someone who produced the seeds then just wait, germination can require way more than one month. It's impossibile to say if ethanol was an issue as you haven't provided information on the solution you prepared. I would avoid using it anyway.
  10. Peat-based substrates are horrible, just wash well the roots and repot them. Watering from above is always a good idea and I'd advise you to do so at least occasionally.
  11. It's probably Nepenthes x "Rob" (robcantleyi x ventricosa).
  12. Yes, of course. I have been using one of those (300L) for around 10 years and it still looks new, they are very durable.
  13. Nice effect! is that an Epiweb panel? How wet does it actually stay? Do you think it would be usable in a non-terrarium environment (less humid and with a lot more air movement)?
  14. I'll have pollen of my N.bokorensis x (veitchii x lowii) clone A available shortly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8chx57cre1hmnm2/bokorensisx(veitchii x lowii) cl1.JPG?raw=1
  15. This is a hybrid I created back in 2011, of the two different plants I have this one is the most attractive with a stunning striped peristome and a very nice red coloration in both lower and intermediate pitchers. Nepenthes bokorensis x (veitchii x lowii): This is an upper pitcher: