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  1. Thanks - I was worried the roots would get frozen and damaged but i put my trust into you cheers Paul
  2. Hi all With the lasting cold spell in the UK (Im in the midlands) - I wondering from experience if someone can say how much cold/frost etc can a fly trap take? I have my fly traps in a cold frame outside for there winter sleep but they have ended up being frozen a few times which obviously worries me! Its never been this cold for this long when Ive had my fly traps. Should I bring them indoors as the cold spell seems to be going on this week from the bbc website info - or am I being a drama queen about it all? lol Cheers Paul
  3. Thanks for the advice - ill let you know how i get on!!
  4. Hi I have grown some flytrap seeds in two different pots on a windowsill - one pot the seeds are growing big and strong and green - the other one seems to have damp off forming even though I grew both under the same conditions - and the seeds with the damp off dont seem to be growing as big - is there a treatment worth trying - not sure what to use as I assume normal fungus stuff could just kill the flytraps??? Or should I just throw them away and take it as a learning curve? Any suggestions??? Thanks Paul
  5. What is the largest official recording of a trap size?
  6. A quick update - I love the tiny little traps - surely they cant catch anything at that young age!!!
  7. Everytime around this time of year my flytraps send up a flower - why? Surely there is no point to a flower this time of year? Anyone else get this? As soon as I cut the flower stalks off they go to sleep for the winter!! Do they Do this in the wild do you know?
  8. Imagine in pre dinosaur times when they had Centipeeds that were as big as cars etc - imagine how big a venus fly trap would have to be!!! Its crazy to think that insects use to be huge like that - I wonder why they didnt last? Million dollor question along with where did the dinos go I suppose.
  9. They are so cute - they have the tinyest little traps on the end of the leaves - thank you so much for sending me them
  10. Thanks to Heather sending me some seeds - look what I came back to after a few days away :o)
  11. OK my smugness caught up with me - some of the new leaves are going black at the tips
  12. I got one of those a month ago at a local garden centre and it is sitting on my Kitchen window and I just spray it every now and again during the day and it has really grown it has grown 3 pitchers since I got it and has grown in size. I even have the kitchen window open for part of the day to let air in and it doesnt seem to mind - I personally thought it was going to die on me as all you ever hear about Neps is that they are hard to grow and need greenhouses etc etc etc but this one has surprised me!
  13. Thats rotton - I have some kids round our way and for some reason I left the back door open and I could hear noises coming from my garden and these kids were looking at my cp's - I was really annoyed - why would someone think its ok to walk into someone else garden? I always double make sure I have the back gate locked now as I cant be sure but I have a feeling they were going to take off with some of my fly traps that were sunbathing!!
  14. Just a quick update - I repotted them and put them in a different window and they seem to have perked up and are growing new traps so hopefully they will look a bit better!!
  15. Heather you have made me green with envy looking at yours!!! I have moved it upstairs to a better window to see if that makes a difference - they are getting at least 4 hours sunshine - maybe its not good enough for them - and yes the red dragom should be better last year it was very red - I just put it down to the rubbish summer we've had and lack of sun.