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  1. Thank you for your answer dear friend.
  2. Hi friend. I want to do to you a question. For my "Pinguicula x Tina" i'm using 70% hochmoortorf peat and 30% perlite. Is it a terrible mistake for you? If yes,can you advise me about a method to balance the substrate without to change it? Thank you for your answer and have a nice day. P.S. I use for it demineralised water.
  3. Ok,thank you for your answer friend
  4. Thank you friends. There are two kinds of sarracenias...
  5. Hi friends i bought some months ago these sarracenias and pinguicula. Identification I don't know the name of them. Can someone help me to identify both sarracenias and pinguicula? Have a nice day.
  6. Excuse me, i must buy Tricodherma for my cp where can i buy it? Have a nice day.
  7. Thank you for the answers.i found also this: Sarracenia Copper Vase