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  1. Hi Mark, thanks you for your future pics. :) I need these plants watering so often becouse the soil is quietly dry and flower stalks (at this time) going down. You have probably different conditions so make your own decision about watering. :) best regards Dalibor
  2. Hi Mark, Thank you for compliment. :) You can saw my winter growing on the photo in my topic ( Southern windowsill, no additional extra lights (maybe a little bit from terrarium with the chameleons) Temperature and humidity you can see here (every month has its own sheet). Soil mixture is peat:silica sand 1:2, in the pot is approx 1cm drainage and no water level through all winter time. Watering only from the top, just to make the soil wet. Maybe once every three or four days. This winter will be different due to
  3. It is not necessary to do smoke treat for R. gorgonias if the seeds are fresh.
  4. update: and the new one - R. dentata (closer look)
  5. today´s photo of R. gorgonias with flowers stalks
  6. First time flowering P. kondoi / reticulata
  7. Hi Mark I sowed several seeds of R. gorgonias in mixture of peat and silica sand 1:2. They germinated very quickly in three weeks. I´m not using any chamber or special lights or anything else. Using square 4x4 cm pots filled with the soil and put in 1cm of water. Seeds were sowed on top and slightly pushed into the soil for better contact. Success in my conditions is 99,5% Download/open attached file (xls) and you can see temp and humidity of growing conditions. I have seeds only on northern windows sill. Just direct sunshine (if shining). Air movement? Seeds needs any? ;-) No special con
  8. P. alpina, P. vulgaris - P. vulgaris bicolor to be continue
  9. Hi Adam, as I wrote, it is a best place I have ever seen. :) It was an intention to hide this locality. Sorry for this, but you are wrong. This is not in Czech republic. ;) Regards Dalibor
  10. short video of Pinguicula vulgaris on beautiful habitat which I visited yesterday
  11. My plants on windowsill few days ago. After moving to bigger container and replacing all their substrate. and seeds sawed 1st april 2013.
  12. I must agree with other posts. Roridula don´t need them. Plants will not be fertilized by the bugs. Fertilizing is not necessary for perfect growing. By the way in winter time is better to have plants without Pameridea for less mortallty (in my case)
  13. And my seedlings from the same batch of seeds as Lavindil. In front of pict you can see germinating seed sown at the same time as other seedlings
  14. to gardenofeden: It's not my text about growing under lights. I have not special light for Roridula at winter neither summer. Only the sun. :)
  15. The current state of the parent plant. Roridula's photo 1 Roridula's photo 2 Roridula's photo 3
  16. to toimeme: big Roridula is at outdoor cultivation. In full sun. Pot is standing in 1cm of water. Sometimes is without any water level. At this time has 3 big and 5 small heads. And 12 flowers of course :) I hope to some seeds to get from them. Small plants are at indoor cultivation. They are on the southern windowsill - full sun. Method of cultivation is the same as in case of mature plant.
  17. I don't know about another Czech rep. :-) Yes, in central Europe. :-) The Pameridea were gifts with the plant. And how the Pameriidae get to him - I don't know. Today's photo of seedlings - they are at indoor cultivation on southern windowsill. At outdoor cultivation is only the big one seedlings 1 seedlings 1
  18. I'm not sure, but I thing it is about 3 years old plant. It was a present from my friend. Big plant is in outdoor cultivation, but the seedlings are behind southern window. Maybe I try to place them in full sun. Off topic: Have you any seedling of R. dentata?
  19. Some pics of my plant in outdoor culture. Roridula with Pameridae and their's pray flower with Pameridae Roridula in flower Roridula seedling
  20. Timmi: the black mark on the trap is from putrefactive leave. You can see it on the pic too. It's on the right side of the trap. detail of the trap