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  1. natapongw

    Ping ID ?

    Any idea for this ping ?, seed from BCP "Pinguicula {mix of mexican species}"
  2. Nice setup, I think if I have ping more enough. I will try to build like this.
  3. Many tropical pinguicula can be found at Cuba for more information P. albida P. benedicta P. bissei P. caryophyllacea P. cubensis P. filifolia P. infundibuliformis P. jackii P. jaraguana P. lignicola P. lippoldii P. lithophytica P. toldensis
  4. Nepenthes ampullaria 'Red Heart' and ladybug : )
  5. and I forgot old greenhouse is much more insect! How about to feed with milk, Chris ?
  6. Hi, Thanks for all reply. @James : I'm not sure with this because some article said don't feed anything to CP some article different so I decide to ask from grower to share our experience. @Chris : my growing condition is evaporation cooling system greenhouse natural sun light 50% shade more than 8 hours humidity 75-99% all time average temperature 20-35C depend on season watering, I use tray method and let them dry for 2-3 days since I have fungus attack I change watering method I use top watering 2-3 days/time media is vermiculite 3:perlite 3:pumice 3:sand 1:peat 1 Here is different from my old greenhouse : less light 50-70% shade 4-5 hours humidity unknow but I think 50-70% tray method watering average temperature 20-35C depend on season Thanks for all again !
  7. I have new greenhouse since last year. This greenhouse is close system, have ventilation fan for air movement and insect can enter this greenhouse very hard so my ping catch insect less than old greenhouse that open. They look slowly to grow and unhealthy Is it important for ping ? What can feed my ping as insect ? Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my not good in English ... :)
  8. natapongw


    All look healthy! I like your ping collection. Nice photo :)
  9. Like this photo collection, Thanks for sharing. Hope to see another collection :)
  10. Hi, Pinguicula agnata or gigantea You should look under leaf, If it has Tentacle , It is P.gigantea
  11. Hi Avery, Great to see your huge pinguicula collection! I'm work hard to get temperature lower but near impossible without air condition with Thailand weather. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Great to see your success, Hope some day I will have collection in vitro like you. My main problem is place to store TC jar, here room temperature is 29-32 C so it is higher than proper condition to keep them