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  1. Firstly I am very annoyed at this public slagging off of my person. Willy I advised you about 4 weeks ago I could not send the Drosera we have discussed to swap due to me packing my flat ready to move to my new bungalow. This happened about a week later. I am currently between 2 homes redecorating the flat to sell it and getting settled in the new place, also I have my plant collection split over the two places and a full time job, so you can imagine I am very busy so when I said you will have to wait I mean you will have to wait for a while before I can consider looking at what I am going to send you. The house move also deleted my email address due to my services being stopped and at my current home I have no internet as of yet. I am having to use my works internet which is not really allowed but I am forced to use it to make a comment. If it was not for some kind souls who are linked to me elsewhere I would not be aware of this posting and it has taken me several days to calm down before I could add a reply, I suggest you go and look up the word patience as you seem to have very little of this. Please send me your details in a PM and when I come back on here to pick up your message I will take it from there. I will not be back on the forum until then so if you post any replies you will not get an answer.
  2. Looking for some easy growing, showy varieties
  3. yes there is a nice long list but also I never receive any replies to emails
  4. Great pictures I so cannot wait to be able to get some of these one day
  5. thanks for the all the answers!!! roll on summer I may not use bananas as I hate their stinky smell lol
  6. I want to help feed by drosera and pings next year by attracting fruit flies... is the best way of doing this having fruit out in some containers? or are there any ingenious suggestions?
  7. article in the metro today.... joy!!
  8. garyhove

    P corsica

    hmm most of my other pings the gemmae is around the hibernacula, I have had a root around but cannot find any, I cannot tip the pot out as I sprinkled all the seed of my plant on the surface so I want them to germinate next year...oh well!
  9. garyhove

    P corsica

    MY plants have flowered for the last 2 years and the bulbs are big I was hoping to find some gemmea
  10. garyhove

    P corsica

    Does this pinguicula produce gemmea?
  11. I Will look around but as a non driver I have my limits lol On a slightly different note any suggestions on some grow lights I want to set something up to grow on cuttings and maybe issue culture, what do people use that are good
  12. well my whole house move is based the size of the garden but I do not plan to have much else in the garden other than a veg patch...I am looking at a place on saturday which should be what I am after and I could have those greenhouses and some more!!!
  13. well I have and 8*6 but maybe 2 10*12 and 1 10*20 not completely sure depends on money and what my plans are
  14. Mike thank you for the info....and yes they did make an offer so I will keep them in mind when I am ready to get some
  15. hello anyone been buying greenhouses lately who can suggest a good supplier?