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  1. Hello fellow growers, After years of not growing i am planning on building a terrarium again. I used to love highland nepenthes and remember some of them to grow quite easy. In my apartment i will not be able to always lower the room tempreture, 20 degrees should be the usual and it should not affect the species i grow. But i think i used to have species like tenuis, inermis, hamata & flava growing in this climate quite well, i am not sure though because it was like 6 years ago. Building a new collection from scratch i do not want to buy plants that are not properly growing under these conditions, but my impressions from back then where that the sumatran highlanders were fairly easy growers and should be good under these conditions as well. In Contrast, i have had more trouble with bornean species like rajah and especially villosa, one of my favourites. I changed my perspective on growing a little bit, i do not want too much struggle with them, i just want some beautiful nepenthes and i do not care about the exact species and locations like i used to. I also do not want them to grow too big, thats why i thought about getting some sumatran species. Having lost track about the new introductions to cultivation within the last 8 years and starting from scratch, i wanted to ask you for recomendations on beautiful easy growers, also hybrids. What are your favourite Nepenthes that grow easy with night tempretures of like 20 degrees but that also do not die in summer when tempretures in germany rise to like 30 degrees. What do you think about the typical sumatran Highlanders under these conditions, do i imagine them to grow too easy or should they be fine? I thought about choosing more hybrids in order to have less trouble with them, what are your favourites that do not become huge plants within too little time? What are your recomendations & favourites ? best regards, Paul
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  3. Hi Phil, thanks a lot. The seed is from Mt. Malea, so i'm quite sure its jamban x dubia. The Pitchers look a lot like the ones you showed in the Thread.
  4. Hello, I have grown a few nepenthes from seeds, and i am not sure with one plant wheter it really is N. jamban... Somebody advised me, that the seedlings look like N. dubia. I thought it might be a natrual hybride, N. jamban x dubia. What do you think?
  5. Paul Schoeneberg

    nepenthes seedlings

    jamban, lingulata, gymnamphora, jacquelineae, bongso, talangensis x ramispina, inermis & macfarlanei
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  7. I would like to cool my next Terrarium aswell, i've got a few questions about the Chillers: Can a chiller, for example this one from ebay, Hailea Ultra Titan 200 165 W cool down the Terrarium like a freezer or are there diffrences? Would your system still work if you would just change your freezer to a chiller? And doesn't a freezer need much less energy than a chiller? Another question about your system, would it become more efficent if you would use more radiators & ventilators, how cool is the water when it gets out of the radiator back into the freezer? Would you recommend using a chiller instead of a freezer? Thank you, Paul
  8. ... will be in Germany... Carsten Paul, 1. president of the german Carnivorous Plants society, just wrote it in a german forum. Best rergards, Paul PS: See You at the EEE 2012
  9. The Size of your villlosa is impressive! 21 Years, thats great. This is what Nepenthes growing is about. It is not about having nice pitchers one year but buying the same species 6 times because it dies again and again. Best regards, Paul
  10. I thought it would be female? The tenuis from the Thread looks female to me... Best regards, Paul
  11. What CP's can be found in the USA but not in Europe? For shipment in Europe you don't need Cites, for shipment from the USA to Italy you need much money and luck. Best regards, Paul
  12. Why don't you order from european Selllers? Christan Klein, Thomas Carow, Andreas Wistuba, Kamil Pasek, there are so many sellers with huge lists of CPs! Best regards, Paul
  13. Hello, Please don't buy this fake edwardsiana seeds on at ebay. Even the picture is stolen. The clipeata seeds from an other seller where sold today for 60 dollars. The past showed that offers like these where allways fakes, and with buying you support it. I have no ebay account, but could someone please report it to the admins? If it would be the real deal the seeds had been still illegal collected and the picture is stolen. Best regards, Paul
  14. No, there are some. minor "Hairy", minor "Burgundy Black", neblinae "Red" There is one of Gerts Minor clones which is even darker than brugundy Balck i think, but it isn't in his shop at the moment, i saw it at the ICPS. It isn't described as cultivar. Best regards, Paul
  15. Very intressting Plants Matthias! The Phalanx is definitly my favourite! Can i add a few new Clones to this Thread next year? I grew about 200 Plants from Seeds, some of them look really intressting. Best regards Paul
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