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  1. We have one of those boys. Don't we?

  2. Herewith admitting to my secret GOT addiction but he's too good not to share.

  3. A dose of cute to get the day started.

  4. If I last 3 minutes I am damn well chuffed with myself!!

  5. 22-04-16 So excited to have been on with Zena at last (yay) and the fantabulous evening crew!! I wish my hubby had watched the show though instead of going out to town with the boys because I missed out on some serious bargains!

  6. How true is this??

  7. A touch of awesomeness to spice up my work day. Happy Wednesday everyone :D

  8. ... or leave the baby at the gas station. Just kidding, but I most definitely have the odd ditzy moment here and there!

  9. Good morning lovely people!! I have a question for the newbies to micro macrame. I am selecting patterns to teach in an Edinburgh workshop in June/July. I have several pieces in mind but would ultimately like to hear from you which patterns or designs you would want to learn if you were to attend a workshop. Below are some pics of the jewellery I chose. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks!! xxx

  10. It's that time of the year again! Lights out at Albert Park tomorrow morning. What better theme song than Fleetwood mac's 'the Chain'! So glad no one decided to change it along with the qualifying format which truly sucks.

  11. ~~ 19 Everyday Things We Never Knew Had A Name ~~Golly gosh I better just make sure that Kenny makes a proper nurdle this evening!

  12. Nature at its best! This is a series of photographs of the whole kill from start to finish.

  13. Beautiful clear sky this morning! Tripod all set up, filters on camera and generally everything ready for the event. I go for a shower to come back to an overcast sky... Why am I not surprised??

  14. This is one of the times where I can say that I am lucky to not have daughters. I have not even see frozen once!! Mums of daugthers: I feel for you!!

  15. Okay Nancy here you go :D It was actually quite fun to re-visit old, half forgotten childhood memories! I took out the ‘bad ones’ at my sons demand!1. When I was 4, I once took off in the middle of the night with my cat to go 'visit' a friend in a village 3 km away.2. I rarely had any female friends until my late teens, and to this day I still get on better with ‘boys’.3. (Apparently) I used to be extremely naughty when I was little. I once drove my otherwise VERY loving mum to want to se...

  16. I can't believe I beat the odds at ticketmaster!! AC/DC here we come!!!!

  17. How small is this world?? Today the receptionist from the Edinburgh dental institution recognized my seemingly SA accent so we got chatting and it turns out she is Nolwanzi from Mbabane!! Guess what her surname is?

  18. I am reading through my newsfeed with a heavy heart this morning. Salgoacar have finally succeeded in claiming lives. It was never a matter of 'if' but 'when'. My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

  19. Hi Karine, I sent a message on Facebook, but not sure if you got it. this message is locked for only you and me to see. You can also Whatsapp me on my mobile phone. my number is +44 7938 445 416 :)

  20. Seems as though Ricciardo has well and truly taken over Mark Webbers spot... Bad luck.

  21. I didn't know that a heart can break so completely. Mama was the beacon of light in our world. Now her light will guide us from amongst the stars. Thank you to all my wonderful Family and Friends who are sending a constant stream of messages and words of strenght during this so very difficult time.

  22. 76613754 sonny's no

  23. For all Swazi friends who expressed interest in my carnivorous plants: I will be selling them tomorrow at the montessori fete in Mbabane. Venus Fly traps @ E30, Sundews from E25, Pitcher plants from E35, Monkey cups from E50.

  24. Webber has got to be the unluckiest guy in the sporting world... I wonder if he will finish just one race before the end of the season??

  25. Time to change channel..