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  1. That seems to be correct. If you look at these photos of Mr. Vogel's Picasa album (You have to zoom in): You can read "cult. R. van Kessel" It stands for Els Vogel-Adamse . I'm really interested to see the official description of S. x Eva. Let's hope that happen soon.
  2. Thanks Alexis! Can I ask you where you get this information from? Do you know who made this cross? The only thing I know is that S. x Eva was introduced by CarniFlora. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everybody, I'm wondering if the parentage of S. x EVA was published? Or is the exact parentage unknown? I would be grateful for any information.
  4. Nice photos ada ! I especially like the veins of S. Flava ornate Miramar.
  5. Just wondering what kind of soil mix do you use for your N. ampullarias Cedric. Is it an peat, sphagnum & perlite mix?
  6. As gardenofeden said rainwater can be stored for months. An good idea is to have the water stored in closed, non transparent containers to avoid algae grow and to fall something in.
  7. I like the contrast between the green tube & the pink top of S. x leucophylla hybrid .
  8. Nice photos. Nothing better to see than plants in the wild. Thanks for sharing.