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  1. maybe the teeth are little bit shorter than moon trap.
  2. Hi Matze, hi everybody... the Angelwings is very similar at moon
  3. other plant, same cross. another flower...this time i think i'll see something.... Uploaded with
  4. the humidity is the last factor. if have test with different water, peat, place..the last element that we have no speak about is humidity.
  5. the difference between the temperature of day and night it's very important for the colour of the VFT. my clone are more red in september, than in august. red clone become brown... about humidity???
  6. hi, i want to share some picts of yesterday about my VFT Giant. i've founded trap, with very nice colouration. is the first one that i find. another trap:
  7. is the same. this is under artificial light. 2x neon 21W 840
  8. Nothing. i've sowed it immediatly, without anything else. only light and water. after 3-4 weeks u have this result.
  9. Hi, Nice colour, and long teeth for the last one.
  10. i'm not a moderator, but please go to plug another topic with your philosophical discourses, i think u are in a wrong forum.
  11. sorry davion, it's very hard for me to understand what u mean