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  1. djinnstah

    Here my ceph from france

    beautifull, but it looks like it needs a bigger pot cause some of the pitchers look jammed for the pics, the coloring is really amazing
  2. djinnstah

    What Car do you drive?

    2010 Peugeot 5008, very good for the family and the dog,lots of space
  3. djinnstah

    An Old Grown Head...

  4. i wouldn't trust it...there is a relative cheap solution i used to have and that is LUCKY REPTILE TERRA FANS(2 fans with 4 connections for possible later to purchase extra 2 fans and an adapter) for only 22 euro. very save indeed greetz
  5. Heliamphora...Maybe some high-land nepenthes but i'm not sure because ceph needs very much light , nep's don't...
  6. djinnstah

    Rapid propagation.

  7. djinnstah

    My Big boy

  8. djinnstah

    Belgian Drosera

    by the way very nice pic's Ignace,but we don't expect anything else from you. it's always a pleasure watching it!!!
  9. djinnstah

    Belgian Drosera

    als het gesloten is voor bezoekers snap ik niet waarom je waarschijnlijk er in kan, d'r zijn redens waarom men er niet in mag...aub respecteer het;ook al doe je geen kwaad(die persoon toont het aan die persoon en die aan die persoon en de 50st persoon haalt de boel leeg...begrijp je) meestal worden er rondleidingen gegeven op bepaalde momenten hou je daaraan en anders, niet betreden... please if it's not for visitors, keep out!it has been closed for a reason many greetz
  10. djinnstah

    EEE 2009 Ghent, Belgium

    and me with the glasses behind the Sarra's of the drosera vzw stand , all for buying!
  11. djinnstah