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  1. HI, My N. pitopangii is going to flower for the first time. Its a A. Wistuba clone - Ivory color form. Its a male....I m looking for some nice female for him...Best would be of course female N. pitopangii ...but also other interesting species are welcome. thanks Andrej
  2. Hi, My aprox. 15 years old N. burbidgeae is starting to flower in one week. It is male and so Im looking for some N. burbidgeae female for him :)!! Anyone can help? thanks a lot Andrej
  3. Hi, in Slovakia : hot summer (30-35 C) and cold winters (up to -15 C) shaded greenhouse, wit fans and simple moisting system...max temperature inside cca. 30 C winter min. 15 C.. the plants are quite old....burgidgeae has more than 15 years...but its an excelent grower
  4. Hi I took some photos of my Nepenthes...hope you will enjoy it: N. copelandii - upper pitchers and behind lower pitcher N. truncata N. maxima (a got it like N. eymae) N. rajah N. burbidgeae - 2 different plants, upper pitcher ist just forming in behind Andrej
  5. Hi, I add some new photos to my website from my drosera collection...if someone is interested ..tak a lok: Andrej
  6. Hi, here you can see some new photos from my greenhouse: Hope you will enjoy it Andrej
  7. Hi... thanks form replies.. Im growing this species in a terracot pot together with Heliamphora species in my greenhouse.....In a bottom part where is little bit shadeier and cooler. Soli: peat:quartz sand: pine bark Temperatures: max 30C min 12C Andrej
  8. Hi, take a look on my first flower of Utricualaria moniliformis..... .......and U. calycifida what really adapt his growing form to their growing opportunities ....:) Andrej
  9. After a longer period... I would like to post some pictures from my greenhouse: I hope you will enjoy it :) D. spathulata Deniston West Coast NZ - nice hairy form D. sessilifolia D. longiscapa D. madagascariensis D. grivei D. felix - flower is appearing D. citrina D. admirabilis Ceres, RSA N. bargidgeae N. hamata N. jamban Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usUploaded with
  10. Hi, my two different clones of D. regia are now flowering: I hope i will earn some seeds. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Andrej
  11. Hi, My D. citrina makes me happy in me greenhouse today :) By andrejd at 2011-02-12 By andrejd at 2011-02-12 Uploaded with Andrej
  12. Please help me with identification of these two species: This one I got like U. lateriflora (Creepy Crawly Walk, Tasmania) but Im not sure if it is correct. Thanks a lot Andrej
  13. thanks for positive response all this plants are grown in my greenhouse Andrej
  14. Byblis gigantea Dionaea sawtooth Utricularia reniformis Drosera spathulata lovellae Drosera sp. floating Drosera seweliae Drosera rubrifolia Drosera regia - seedlings Drosera falconeri Drosera admirabilis Ceres - seedlings