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  1. Hi, So I have a female N. ventricosa and also a female N. xventrata about to flower, and I am looking for interested males to fertilize these girls, he. Anyone has any male flowering? The deal would be to part the seeds half and half with the person that donates the polen. An important thing is that I'm located in Mexico city so the polen needs to be shipped up to here, and the seeds (at the appropriate time) will part from here. Please let me know :)
  2. Awesome!! Congrats! Wish my hamata was that size haha.. And those hybrids look very promising!! specially the flava x sibuyanensis
  3. Wooow! I always love to see your TC plants pics, they are awesome!! Pfff.. I hope one day I can make cultives like those hehe.. And just for curiosity... Are you some sort of researcher? or Do you work in a lab? he Cheers, Abiram PD: If some day you want to sell one of those D. hartmeyorum please contact me!
  4. Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing. I really love Hoyas, they are my favorite plant genus, and of course I have a more or less decent collection of them. You really have to see the other species, they're awesome! I leave you the webpage of a Swedish grower, there you can see pics of many of the species: And regarding seed, they are extremely difficult to hand pollinate, with some species you even need a microscope O.o, it ihappens more often that they get pollinated by insects but even in that way it is not very common. Cheers
  5. cosmo

    Hairy Hamata

    ---------------------- Sorry, the reply appeared twice...
  6. Wooo! what a massive rajah! And it seems that is a fast grower for you, isn't it? The others are so beautiful too! The villosa and the macrophylla are just stunning! Congrats
  7. cosmo

    pH of soil

    Thanks for your replies, I'll deffinitely have to try what goes better in my conditions, the thing is that I am working to improve the overall growing conditions of my Neps, and pH was a thing that bother me; I think I will try a slightly acidic pH, maybe a 6.2 or something like that, and lets see what happens..
  8. It seems that it is waiting happily for its next meal! Yum! Very nice cultivar!
  9. cosmo

    pH of soil

    Hi to all, In the last days I have been wondering about the importance of pH in our Nepenthes soil mixtures, we all know it is an important factor to consider but this brings me lots of things to mind, and most of them are unclear, so I got some questions, and I am also wishing this thread may be useful in the future for other members who are trying to get information about this point. So the thing is that I have searched in some forums(including this one) information regarding pH, and I have found too little(maybe because the search tool does not allow me to look for words less than 4 lette
  10. WoooW! That little Cephalotus has tons of potential! Very well done Sean Spence. Deffinitely it was a very nice gesture from Stephen to share the seeds.
  11. As far as I know, intermediate regarding Nepenthes, means that the plant so-called intermediate can be found in both, lowland and highland areas, so the plant is resistant to both types of conditions.
  12. As some may say here in my country: "Ay Caramba!" Your edwardsiana is just amazing!! I would give my whole collection of plants(Even the Amorphophallus titanum O.o) only for that plant!! hahaha just kidding, but wooow a reaally impresive Nepenthes, very well done Jeremiah! :DD It would be great to see pics of the whole plant btw.
  13. What an amazing development! It's nice to see a plant that big of this uncommon species :)