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  1. I am wondering if I'm the only one whose plants are not like they used to be. Some of my sarrs that last year already had pretty big pitchers (grown from seed but not yet flowerd) this year grew those relativly small ones. At first I thought they were not doing well and maybe they would die, but they grew masses of those smaller pitchers throughout the season.My guess is that maybe the growthpoint that produced the big pitchers died this winter and others took over. Then there were my Drosera binata plants; I was sure they all died because not one of them poked up their sticky heads all seas
  2. I so jinxed it with the mentioning of frost;expected frost the next two days and maybe even snow or hail further in the week. I 've put the bubblewrap on again this morning.
  3. Last week I cut back my cp plants on the (flat) roof and checked out how my plants did this winter. Not that I really wanted to already , but I had covered them with bubble wrap for the winter and with temperatures of 20°C it was that or get cooked plants. I'd say the bubble wrap was ok, even though we had a permanent frost for over two weeks,most of my plants looked well. Some of my plants had a bit of fungus, but that was just because of the wetness of the medium when I put the bubble wrap on, it even kept my sphagnum nice and fresh. Some of my sarrs started sending shoots up and unless
  4. Looks like the sanguinea was growing because it was happy, after I gave the plant some fertilizer it is now forming 3 pitchers at once. The ventricosa is still taking the 'I'm taking my time approach',with this one I'll have to wait I guess.
  5. Thank you for the reply, I decided to put the two stragglers under the setup I had for my baby sarrs and VFTs. They got a nice red colour so I'm assuming it should be better for the neps than where they are now. If that doesn't make things better I can always try other changes.
  6. A couple of months ago I bought 4 Nepenthes plants (my first).They were bare root so I knew they'd most likely sulk for a while. The x hookeriana seemed to have no problems with the move into my home; it finished making the pitcher that was already growing and went on growing more leaves. It now started to enlarge some of the , how should I call them pre or proto pitchers, and I expect I will have more mature pitchers soon. The x ventrata started after a while to make more leaves and is now growing its second pitcher. The sanguinea grows like crazy but somehow the little pitchers look like
  7. Last year I had two containers outside during the winter and I used bubble wrap to put over them to keep most of the wind out. Since all my plants outside survived I thought I'd do the same thing this year , but now with all my plants that were planted in a couple of big containers. Because the prediction was that we would have a seriously cold winter ,I bought myself some rolls of bubble wrap for the other containers. They're still in their original wrapping, I keep telling myself when it freezes I will wrap the plants up but up 'till now we only once had a bit of frost at night. I'm unwi
  8. I checked to make sure they were(fairly) easy to grow before ordering, of course the prices were a good indicator that they were easy too.
  9. 2 weeks ago my Neps from Extreme-plants arrived, they now look like this: The hookeriana was the only medium sized plant I bought the other three were small(the hookeriana is in a 6 inch/15cm pot) The ventrata ,ventricosa and sanguinea all lost most of their pitchers in transport(though they were safely packed in) the hookeriana still hasn't realized it was repotted and keeps growing the new pitchers that were already formed. The other plants had some leaves that were forming new pitchers too,but I'm not sure they will keep on growing.
  10. After posting this I decided to give it another try, I took a new leaf cutting and a little trap and put them in the pot my other cutting is in. Less than a month later both or sending up little leaves, the original cutiing ; still nothing .I guess it wasn't a good cutting to begin with.
  11. 2 years ago I left my seedlings out for winter. Most were smaller than my thumbnail and all but one survived. For some strange reason the one that died was the biggest one. If you don't want to take too much risk just put bubble wrap over the pot your seedlings are in, it'll keep the cold wind out and that's usually what kills the plants. Last winter I put bubble wrap over some of my pots and when I took it of in spring my Sphagnum was still green and few of my sarrs had dried out patches. The cold wind takes away the moisture and because the soil is cold or even frozen the plants can't pul
  12. I have grown Sarrs and VFT's from seed so I can be patient. But since fresh seeds are hard to come by I'll proably try a bigger plant, the only problem now is what species? The plant would have to grow on a windowsill (south with 6-7 hours of full sun,unless it's a year like this year ) and from reading on these forums I get the impression that highlanders would be best for that. I tried to find a list for highlanders/lowlanders but I can't seem to find one(lots of lists with location of the plants), so can anyone recommend an easy Nepethes for indoors?
  13. As I've done with Sarracenia and VFT's ,I want to raise a couple of Nepenthes plants from seeds before I try the big plants. The trouble is I don't have a clue when there are fresh seeds available(higland plants). When I checked Ebay I found that some of the (fresh) seeds on there have been offered for weeks(maybe longer) and therefore can't be all that fresh anymore. So is there a period when fresh highland seeds are available or do they make seeds all year round? BTW, I have the same question for Ceph seeds.
  14. Thanks for clearing things up, I wondered why there were 2 names.
  15. I've seen some Sawtooth being sold as UK Sawtooth I and UK Sawtooth II, what's the differece between the two?