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  1. SUNRISE-the most beautiful in the summer time...just see below
  2. Looks like Large Shark Teeth Clone
  3. Reputation: -37 Bad ?? joke ? :D

  4. Reputation: -37 Bad ?? joke ? :D

  5. In Poland there is no such book. Ask Chien Lee, Christian Dietz, Guillaume etc.from them i have a lot of beatiful pictures to my book for which I am very grateful to them. Marc80 without comment did you writte something long about cp ? i dont think so.
  6. Hi iam working hard with book about cp for polish cp grovers iam always willing to help if someone asks me for advice.I have many photos of interesting observations about the plants but can not publish them before the book. Selling plants i collect money to print my book , buy picture, etc. Unfortunately, as always when you do not know what it is probably we talk about money. I can donate money for the forum no problem. For ex:
  7. Thank you to all decent and normal people with nice moments in this forum. Recently, this forum is for certain privileged persons and not all. Unfortunately, knowledge on this board mean more than honesty.
  8. On polish forum i sell my plants and David plants. On cpuk only my plants but if someon want buy something else i send him David list. Big part of my plant is sold out. Now i have only dm and feew other plants. Iam not dealer of Kubin, Kouba,Svarc,Pasek, Wistuba, BE, etc. I have a small 10 m2 greenhous. I reproduce ( cuttings, seeds) plants and send it to david he planted them and if someone buys he send them. But plants are my i bought them and i reproduce them. Now i dont have time thats why i want sell all my plants and thats why my list was so big. More letters will be smaller because I do not have what to sell. I understand if 50 plants of one species but it was max 10 flycatchers -very easy to propagate. No 30 hamatas, no 30 naga, no 100 red hairy hamat etc. Kamil if you have big greenhouse no problem i can send you all my plants and then you will be sending plants.
  9. i invested a lot of money in plants ( from 2006 year) now iam selling plants because i have too much plants.- I want def. close my collec. I want to get even some of the money that I invested, many people do not like it but why? jealousy ? I do not know whether David is working with Kubin's ask him. many times I wrote that I was not able to accommodate plants in a small greenhouse at home because ther i have only my dm collection so david send my plants from czech he have big good greenhouse. Thats why parcels are send from czech republic. what is the difference from where the plants will be sent? if they are in good qual. if someon buy planst for me but i dont have this plants David sends his plant for my. Is something wrong? always thought that enthusiasts are one big family now I see that this is not true. Kamil i recall you the idiotic restrictions entered for polish grovers.You thought that everyone in Poland want to destroy your businness. Do not worry I'm not going to fight with you. I'm tired of the slander and accusations. Therefore Probably within 2- 4 months i will sell my fulll colllection and will close this chapter in my life. TMCM sorry but no pm from you.
  10. Hi everyone iam not from czplants!!! Kubin sends only my orders because idont have my own greenhouse.I explained it many times that i have a lot of plants but i dont have money to buy big greenhouse.
  11. Good proffesional sevice,very nice and big plants ,thanks


  12. Good proffesional sevice,very nice and big plants ,thanks


  13. The plants arrived in perfect condicion Thanks.

  14. The plants arrived in perfect condicion Thanks.