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  1. :-) Now I am planting two big plants and many very small ones from leave cuttings. I hope next year it will be better.
  2. Dear friends, my new hybrid Pinguicula moctezumae × cyclosecta (P. × moctesecta) have its first flowers :-). There are some photos in the article.
  3. Thank you, Alex! ;-) One of the Aldrovanda sites is abandoned place where sand was mined.
  4. Hello friends, I'd like to invite you to visit my photogallery of interesting botanical habitats almost from Czech Republic. There are many sites with CPs, but with orchids and other rare species too. I hope You'll like it. http://mrjs.zonerama.com Best regards, Jakub
  5. Hi, Dieter, yes, it seems very easy flowering ;). First flower grew in april 2011, so I can't say how it flowers during whole the year (especialy in winter). But I think, that it is the same like flowering U. sandersonii - this species is in bloom always (if good light conditions are).
  6. Here are newer photos. I hope you like it ... :-)
  7. Yes, but with fused "bunny ears" :). It must have something from U. microcalyx, because it's harvested from this species.
  8. Hi all, last year I harvested seeds from U. microcalyx which i tried to cross with U. sandersonii. A few days ago I saw first flower of plants grown from those seeds. The hybridization looks successfully, there are photos :). Photos of "parental" plants are here and here. I hope You like it :-). Best regards, Jakub
  9. For which reasons, Kamil? I agree with Adam. This site looks very well and volunteers do a good job on it. P. bohemica and other rare plants are growing better now. There are some photos from P. bohemica site which I made this weekend. You can see a lot of seedlings, adult plants with ovarys... http://jakubstepan.galerie.cz/4686837-akce-leto-2010 Photos from other time (the same site)... http://jakubstepan.galerie.cz/3666337-kosiste And there are photos from another site of P. bohemica, I live near this site :) http://jakubstepan.galerie.cz/3666309-bohemka-v-polabi
  10. Thanks for the help with ID... so it's definitely U. welwitchii :).
  11. Thaks ;). It isn´t bisquamata, I think, but firmula it can be. It can be welwitchii too...
  12. Hi all, my "U. uniflora" is flowering now and I am lookinkg, that the ID is wrong. Do you know, what species is it? Flowers are about 2 mm, autogamic. http://nd03.galerie.cz/630/699/774fa39722_....jpg?1262641937 http://nd03.galerie.cz/716/432/e208492a3f_....jpg?1262641927 http://nd03.galerie.cz/311/265/4173c1033c_....jpg?1262641930 http://nd02.galerie.cz/094/738/f2bfd66a45_....jpg?1262884207 http://nd02.galerie.cz/818/630/a6f0d1117b_....jpg?1262884216 http://www.darwiniana.cz/vamr/galerie/02521-t3.jpg Thanks, Jakub Štěpán