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  1. I like to thanks anyone that had voted and others that might plan to vote. The project had been canceled becouse of invoelvment by some political groups. Anyway we had got some help for our Organization from the budget of the vote project. Thanks again Arie
  2. Dear Friends, The Israeli GIST Cancer Patients Organization is participating in the "2 million good reasons project". This project is sponsored by "Leumi Bank" in Israel. The organization which will be among the first 60 will receive an amount of money for its activities. We at the Israeli GIST Patients Organization need your help. Please vote for us at the Link : can vote once every 24 hours until December 20, 2011. The voting site in Hebrew, the word "vote" appears as follows : "הצבע" Thank you in advance for all your help and cooperati
  3. To all the Jews mambers Chag pesach Samech (Happy passover) and to all other happy Easter that going to arrive soon. Arie
  4. If there are members that like to buy add the book I wrote in Hebrew about CP called: Carnivorous Plants: From Legend to Reality invited to send me PM Arie
  5. arie

    Hoya growers

    I'm looking for Hoya rooted cuttings that I haven't got yet. Arie Here is my groowing list Hoya archboldina Hoya australis Hoya acuta variegerad Hoya bilobata Hoya carnosa Hoya carnosa variegerad Hoya ciliata Hoya curtisii Hoya compacta Hoya densifolia Hoya fuscamarginata Hoya globulosa Hoya imbricata – green Hoya imperialis – red Hoya kentiana Hoya kerrii Hoya kerrii variegearad Hoya lacunosa Hoya lambii Hoya longifolia Hoya loiseanger Hoya meliflua Hoya meliflua var. fraterna Hoya macgillivavii Hoya nicholsonii Hoya pubicalyx Var's Hoya parviflora Hoya ploystch
  6. thanks I do hope I woud be well have the power and possibilty to cover the cost to come to the next EEE. Arie
  7. There were few friends that had asked me if I'm still with CP's Well I had a long time I must go to lower gear , that's after a cancer tumor had be found in my body. Then I had to have a complecated and costly opertion and treatment that had put me out from all my hobbies. Those days I fell better so I can go on normal life. So I'm happy to be back. All the best to all and thanks the ones that had intersted were I am. Arie
  8. I'm working on the CP's on stamps collection , it would take some time but I can promise then when I would finish it I would publish it (maybe I will put it all on my site so link would be here too). I will scan some pages from the book soon too. Arie
  9. Do you mean pages from the book? CP on Stamps? Arie
  10. SURE With great pleasere (and no extra cost )
  11. the book is hard cover 160 pages with hundred's of photos in Hebrew' was printed after nearly a year time work. The photo's part main and part with the help of my friends all over the world. the book cost 25 Euro + 10 Euro shipment by registered airmail can be paid by paypal. Arie
  12. I do't mind to give more info but the book is in Hebrew / Still intersted? Arie
  13. Hi Marcel and others Yes my book is finised Arie
  14. Dear Marcel for the last few years many postal services had open an option of print personal stamps side by sida to legal stamps (in some countries you can print them even in small no. of stamps just pay and they would do the job), according to Universal Postal Union the personals stamps are not known as stamps. Same problem are with printing very nice satmps by countries that are not known as real ones: This situation is that you can't put them in any formal stamps exchibition ' of course you can
  15. nice but it is not a true philatlic item. Arie