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  1. While searching for a tuber of D. stolonifera that should be somewhat dormant now (not adjusted to northern hemisphere) I've found several "side shoots" just few cm's under the surface. I have rather put the substrate I did remove back on the top. I was letting the pot to slowly dry out but now I have found the new growth, should I just keep it slightly wet as in growing season ? Or how do you guys treat tuberous Drosera that show rather late lateral growth ? For examle Drosera abberrans made a lot of daughter tubers while the mother plants where still growing. Petr
  2. Petr D.

    Happy find

    Two months after dying back I dug up this little beauty And its bigger than when I planted it ! Drosera erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa (Yetman WA)
  3. Petr D.

    D regia

    My adult regia died back this summer. I suspect high temperatures 35+C even though I think greenhouse users must experience even higher temps and regia seems to do well in there all year ? I used to water it from above, not standing in water. However when I checked the roots they were big and healthy. Its even regrowing now I have put it outside. Hopefully it will reach its previews glory fast
  4. Hi Christian, here is mine "dielsiana". Please take a look. I will gladly change the label
  5. Tell me about it ;-) The thermometer shows 35s regulary nowadays in the grow room and I don't think it drops below 25C in the night. Looking at the plants, they cope with the heat pretty well I must say but it's not ideal. I have the pickier ones in my room by the window where the temps don't exceed 30s. I guess a greenhouse isn't any better temp wise in this case, or am I wrong ?
  6. I also just threw 2 pots of Drosera ascendens (Itararé, Sao Paulo, Brasil) mercilessly outside. I'll show them who's not growing !
  7. Wow the ascedens 'red form' looks super happy. I also find this particular form to be very easy and rewarding species. One a side note, I also grow D. ascendens (São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil) and I would even say its the same plant, they get both deep red with intense white hair on the backside of the leaves. On the other hand I am struggling a touch with the 'stupid' clone from Itarare and its driving me crazy. Very slowly growing for me - the largest seedling (1,5 year) is 2cm in diameter. For me D. graomogolensis proves to be also very heat tolerant alongside with the montana complex, as long as the plants are established. I also find the south american species to be very competitive and growing very slowly with more plants per pot.
  8. Cute flowers ! Do they smell anyhow ? I have plenty of D. roseana in flower atm, but I am not sure if I like the smell or not. I guess it stinks !
  9. I don't know if its good or bad, but they certainly don't grow in spagnum bogs in the nature.
  10. Whatever you want for adelae. For regia I would go for mix of peat and sand, 50:50 or more sand. I don't see any reason to use sphagnum moss.
  11. I have recently managed to get my paws on some cheap vermiculite, and repotted my few pings in a mix of vermiculit, perlite, silica sand and peat. Peat being probably the minor ingredient. Will see, because I didn't have much success in peat based substrates in the past.
  12. As a part of my bachelor thesis I was messing with creation of social network above some discussion boards ;-). Well, if you like abstract art ... Find yourself !
  13. Beautiful ! I am not really an insect-loving guy, but I was stunned when i saw it around our house ;-). I believe I saw a Papilio machaon last summer and there are some Sphinxes regulary sucking on our Pelargonias. But I'm not able to tell the species ;-) Do you collect butterflies, or just on the camera ?