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Don't suppose anyone's interested in this, but anyway ... I'm currently living and working in Taiwan; been here on and off since 2005, with a long trip to Central America and one ill-advised attempt at migrating to Canada punctuating my stay. Prior to Taiwan I lived in Cambodia for around six years, and prior to that I spent a few years travelling around the world picking up any work I could find. (Before that, I was a student ... my shameful former life.)

As for CPs, I bought and killed a few VFTs as a boy in Scotland, but really got into it in earnest in 2008 after having a stab at growing orchids. The move to Canada put an end to this, though I did carry a few seeds and cuttings of my original collection around with me. After my wife and I decided that Canada was a bust we moved back to Taiwan, where my collection grew large. However, another move to Canada led to the sale of the collection, save for a few seeds.

Now I have a fairly small indoor collection, with a few offspring from plants I grew in Taiwan.