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  1. 1:1 peat and perlite. Over the years I've found sand to be just too inconsistent. It's hard to be 100% sure where it's come from and what impurities are in it especially grit/sharp sand. Even washed horticultural, branded stuff seems to not be consistent enough for CPs. One bag will be OK, with the roots growing out of the pot, the next bought a few months later the roots will never explore the new media and there'll be poor growth.
  2. When I re-pot I tend to leave them 1/2 in 1/2 out. They seem to find their own level after that. As Alexis says Minor, Purpurea and Psittacina seem to bury themselves over time. I have no issues with rot, even when the rhizomes are completely buried.
  3. I do wonder about the suitability of wood based substrates long term. I've had sarracenia potted into the same peat mixes for 10 years or more, my orchids require re-potting every year or so as their bark medium starts to break down. Surely in water the breakdown would start much earlier? Most of the CP retailers sell peat or peat/perlite mixes online.
  4. I cut them off as I'd rather the plant put the energy into growing foliage.The straggley looking flower spikes that VFTs and sundews constantly produce arent anything to look at, in fact they can spoil the look of the plants.
  5. I've never removed flowers from my Sarras, even after spring division. It doesn't seem to have caused any problems. They don't seem to flower continuously like VFTs and Sundews which I mostly remove the flowers from.
  6. Matt Soper of HCP has posted on Twitter that he's been part of the RHS peat free trial. Back in August he posted some pics of some anaemic looking VFTs alongside some others with normal growth. I think his label for the pic was "guess which are peat free" or something similar Surely the views of someone like Matt, a commercial grower of CP's must carry some weight with the RHS????
  7. Nothing strange here either. There are a lot of insects about this year but then they haven't got the typical "indigestion" sign of a dark tube half way down.
  8. That seems be the feedback from general horticulture. Its not too surprising the same is being found with CPs.
  9. After about 20 years of using different sands I've dropped sand from my compost mixes completely. Too often I've seen growth problems that are cured when I re-pot without sand. If you get a batch of "good" sand then the plants love it, but it just seems so hit and miss, even with stuff labelled as washed and horticultural. Peat and perlite for me from now on.
  10. If you can afford it I would go for the high ridge version if you intend to grow Sarracenia. I've got a standard ridge 6x8 and even on the second shelf of standard staging large plants will grow up to the glass. You can put them on the floor but its not as nice for display purposes.
  11. There seems to have been a bumper crop of insects this year. Most of my plants early pitchers have indigestion. The greenhouse has been alive with bluebottles, clouds of them. Hopefully this will mean greater growth next year.
  12. Yeah the pics from last year, only flowers so far this spring.
  13. I grow these Sarr's outside all year round, they get covered with fleece in winter, that's it. Growth from the Flavas is pretty good, they do better in the greenhouse but it's interesting to see them au naturel.
  14. Yes, after last winter my Oreophila Sand Mountain is growing strongly and is my first plant with open pitchers this year. Seems to have liked the cold.
  15. This site deliver Moorland Gold reclaimed peat, delivery's only a couple of quid.