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  1. very nice!!!! I tryed some sundew seed.. But the flask was contaminated!!! what were your sterilization procedures for this vtf tissue calture??? Thanks Jake
  2. It looks to be a mold!!! did u feed it anything???
  3. yea thats what I was thinkin you know how the its is when you buy plants off the internet!!!
  4. Hi, Ever one I have all ways like orchids but in the past 1-2 years ive gotin very series about in I have a good collection going and now one of them is finally happy enuf to bloom!!! Tell me what you think!!!
  5. it made the roots there becouse of the high humidity coming off the soil!!! Here are some pictures of plants made frow leaf cutings!!! I made them about a year ago!!! just thought id share!!!
  6. Hi, I am in need of some help I am quite new to nepenthes and I have a Nepenthes Sanguinea that i bought a month ago an I dont know whats the best mix to grow it in??? If any one can help me please do??? Thanks Jake
  7. they look to be roots!!! you could try to plant it a lil deeper!!!!
  8. JakeB.

    jewel orchid!!!

    Hi i was given a cut of a jewel orchid and dont know what to plant it in i search for it on the internet but theres a lot of mixes but dont know what to use??? so I thought ied get a first hane loook on what they grow best in??? Thanks Jake
  9. Hi nace grow area just wondering what kinda lights are those?? what size??? Thanks Jake
  10. Hi thanks for the wellcome im trying to flask soom D.capillaris.. Im mainly doing it just to watch them develope Like the roots and all the other parts you cant see when there in a peat mix... I was originaly just flasking native orchid seed pods that I collected this year and just decided to try some drosera seeds!!! Thanks Jake
  11. Hi i was wondering does any body have any native orchids to the US that they can collect any seed pods off of??? Even wild collected(if its OK)!!! Im not picky and willing to PAY!!! looking for any!!! Looking for forward to hearing what yall have!!! Just let me know what you have! Thanks Jake
  12. Hi my name is jake and I am going to flask some drosera seeds but dont know what solution to put them in??? I have a floow hood so sterilization is no problem!!! Can any body help??? Thanks Jake
  13. Here are some photos of some Sarracenia minor in the francis marian forest in SC US... photos are not the best of quality SORRY!!!!!!! let me know what you think????
  14. first off very nice pictures!!! second were did you say this was???? thanks Jake