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  1. Your clones look like they're loving it where they are.. thanks for sharing
  2. Beautiful shots! U must have spent many hours rummaging thru the forest!
  3. Hey thanks Andy - Yup you should - Bali's great.. & Andy Goldworthy must be pretty talented
  4. Our 2nd day there was 'Nyepi' or 'Silence Day'. Everyone(!) to stay indoors. Frangipani seeds - prettiest seeds I've ever laid eyes on. Our own Bali inspired artwork - using flowers shed from a tree in our villa. Sunset at the Breeze restaurant, Seminyak The Samaya (we didn't stay there unfortunately, only had dinner at the Breeze, on the right of pic)
  5. Hi.. If you smoke, want to quit but are having problems doing so, or if you used to smoke but are having problems staying off ciggies, I'm looking for 7-8 folk to try quitting after reading the Positively Quit Manual. In return, I'm looking for feedback or a quick review on Amazon (for the curious, there are a couple of reviews there right now). However, pls note that PQ! tends to only work for smokers who are independent-minded, rational and determined to quit. If you fit the bill and would like to give it a go, pls msg me here or email me at [email protected] Thanks, Cas
  6. Cas

    Pls help ID

    Yup - you're likely right.. now I see it .. my other plants have gone dormant / died with the monsoon .. this plant's from one of their seed
  7. Cas

    Pls help ID

    Thanks for your replies. Now you mentioned it, I do have a 'tree-forming' D. Paradoxa - and it does spout seeds. Perhaps some germinated. Could 'A' be one of the following? I've bought seed in the past - seems like I only managed to get this plant in picture going. D. venusta D. capillaris D. brevifolia D. natalensis D. collinsiae D. cuneifolia
  8. Cas

    Pls help ID

    I found these growing in some recycled LFS - would someone pls help me ID them? Thanks
  9. nice pics - the one of your D.macrantha ssp. macrantha with you as a height gauge was particularly good
  10. Thanks.. Japan's a great place to visit - we're planning to go again next yr. We lurve Europe too but the kids are prob too small to appreciate trip there.. June 2011 wife and I are hoping.
  11. Family just back from a great holiday in Japan.. Beautiful country. Here are some of my fav pics Carpet of gingko biloba leaves Hakone Shrine Owakudani, one of the highlights of our Hakone stay.. "much of the area is an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers can be experienced." Mt Fuji
  12. Cas


    Cool! Maybe you could post a pic here. I'm a big coffee fan / addict but have never seen coffee plant or tree.
  13. I was looking this up yest and realised I'd been using an insecticide containing pyrethrins and not neem(!).. So pls ignore my earlier ramblings