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  1. Here I would like to share with you pics of TC jars drosera graniticola drosera zigzagia seedlings drosera ultramafica drosera villosa (real) drosera hirticalyx drosera camporupestris drosera graminifolia 'spiralis' drosera kaieteurensis drosera alba drosera glabrata drosera afra drosera hilaris drosera spatulata var. gympiensis drosera spatulata var. bakoensis
  2. Some time ago I obtained seeds of this interesting group of plants and now i can post pictures of them. The crosses look very attractive and photogenic. I hope you like the pics: drosera (ordensis x falconeri) x darwiniensis drosera falconeri drosera darwiniensis x kenneallyi drosera falconeri x petiolaris drosera darwiniensis x kenneallyi drosera fulva x ordensis drosera petiolaris x ordensis drosera petiolaris x kenneallyi drosera paradoxa "Metallic orange flower" drosera (ordensis x falconeri) x petiolaris
  3. Very nice cultures,,,you are a hard working man:)
  4. @Michal: Yes,,,Space,,,the ultimate problem for every grower who has not been lucky enough to have a garden (like myself). Hopefully this year I will get myself a medium sized greenhouse:)
  5. Thank you, @Shinkaku: that particular jar with p. lusitanica is very old, they are running out of nutrients so I will have to replate them to fresh medium when I have time. @Slavek: if everything goes well,,most of these species will be for sale in the springtime (after deflasking and acclimatisation to regular substrate and conditions).
  6. Thank you all for nice comments!:-) @Tonk: My d. neocaledonica is grown in tropical conditions , and seems to like it very much. The day temps 25-30C, nights 20-25C. Plenty of artificial light (or sun) and higher air humidity (60-80%). I've had d.neocaledonica in TC so I had many specimens to experiment with and these conditions seems to suit her the best.
  7. Phenomenal photos, Dieter, like always,,a pleasure to lay my eyes upon. Thanx!
  8. Hi,,CP lovers! I did some pictures of some plants, only a few I would like to share with you: drosera neocaledonica colony sets flowers drosera natalensis drosera sp. "Pretty Rosette" drosera capillaris 'Colombia' nepenthes benstonei deflasked 2 months ago drosera hilaris colony wakes up
  9. Drosera spatulata/gympiensis Drosera hirticalyx Drosera ultramafica-grows OK,,but not too fast,,and is a kind of pale. I guess she would really liek the medium more ultramafic :-) I try to tune it up with more Mg Fe and see what happens
  10. Hi,, I got bored today, having to stay at home with a bad cold for a few days,,I entertained myself by working with the plants and so I did some more photography. Hope you like the sterile plants:) Pinguicula lusitanica Nepenthes benstonei (on this medium doestn produce pitchers, they develop after deflasking) Drosera brevifolia 'Parana' Drosera alba Drosera camporupestris Drosera collinsiae Drosera rotundifolia Drosera villosa Drosera burmannii Drosera burmannii "Humpty-Doo" Drosera planchonnii Drosera felix 'Turuku' (this one olamost died on me, but after replating to a new medium they started to grow again) Drosera kaieteurensis Drosera trinervia Drosera intermedia 'Gran Sabana' Drosera marchantii/marchantii Drosera falconeri freshly replated to a cytokinin medium,,will propagate soon Drosera regia replated to a prop. medium Drosera afra frenzy Drosera graminifolia started to make ofshoots, but not many,,maybe she needs encouragement
  11. Congrats, Daniel! You are very successful with these sundew crosses. This particular hybrid is one of the most interesting so far! Love its elegant appearance! Thanx
  12. Dear CP/TC fans!:-) I took shots of some new cultures in jars today. Besides the species, that I have already posted (and thankfully, are grown into big plants by now), I did some sowing on gel few months ago and would like to share with you the pics of seedlings and plantlets: drosera villosa (propagates well without PGR) 2 rarer d. spatulata varieties: d. spatulata var. gympiensis (the time needed to germinate this spatulata variety is the longest of all spatulatas. Usually other varieties germinate within 20 days. This one took almost 2 months) d. spatulata var. bakoensis (a very nice pygmy-like sundew, replated) d. tomentosa var. glabrata d. regia d.kaieteurensis d.trinervia d.graminifolia (the difference in growth rate for TC and non-TC plants is striking, these are a month old/5cm) d.camporupestris (great germination rate, a fast grower as well) d. alba seedlings d. ultramafica seedlings
  13. Thanx , Carlos! Yes, the that is the full locality designation for that particular plant. I think Iggy send me the seeds (thanks ). Sometimes I dont list the full name of the locality when posting pics. I just went through some of your pics and your collection is amazing (in both diversity and quality) !
  14. Thank you for kind comments! @Dani: thank you for pointing out the typo, I corrected it. I will definitely hand-polinate the flowers of d. graomogolensis to get quality seeds. Thanks for the tip. @Deadly weapon: d. neocaledonica best open air environment, several hours of direct sun a day , nights ~20C days 24-28C. I use peat/sand (60/40). Hope you find it helpful :-)
  15. Great work Will! Your lithops collection amazes me!
  16. Hi! We have had some pretty weather for last few weeks. The cool temps at night and plenty of sun and warm days really made my sundews happy (especially the south americans). here I took some shots today,,hope you like them :-) drosera graomogolensis (definitely one of the most elegant and beautiful for me). The sun made her colour up nicely and will be flowering for me for the first time! drosera ascendens "red hairy form" drosera ascendens 'Palmeira' with interesting shape of the leaves drosera hirtella/lutescens (a.k.a. veeeeeery slow grower:-) ) drosera graminifolia - it is hard to take a good picture of her because of the complicated focis- she is all over the place :-) drosera montana var. schwackei - a newcomer to my collection, seems she likes the conditions so far drosera brevifolia 'Balsa Nova, Parana' drosera capillaris 'Colombia' drosera ramentacea - just adjusting her to sun slowly,,still pale, hopefully will colour up a bit later drosera hilaris 'Stellenbosch' drosera slackii x capensis (I think when it comes to speed of growth she took more after d. slackii and is not as easy as I thought she would be as well) drosera trinervia drosera adelae, drosera peltata and heliamphora minor drosera anglica 'Hawaii' drosera spatulata var. bakoensis - the smallest pygmy spatulata, very cute drosera spatulata var. lovellae drosera capensis "Albino form" drosera schizandra drosera prolifera drosera neocaledonica
  17. @Loligo: With Gelrite I only had one case of vitrification with drosera sessifolia. I did find one drawback of this gelling agent though...when the plants consume some of the elements (metals, specifically), it liquidifies quite fast). I think it is due to the loss of cations crosslinking the gelrite compound and the inevitable release of protons. In acidic environment ( below 5.2) the Gelrite is not gelling very well (even if the sufficient ions are present). But for me the transparency of the gel is the overcoming advantage so I keep on using it. I just got hands on some high quality Agarose so I will do some experiments to compare the properties.
  18. Thanx! @Cain: Yes , it is drosera intermedia together with darlingtonia @Sativ: I know! I was just thinking the same thing going through the jars with tuberous species how Martian they look in TC :-D There are some exceptions,,of course:-) @Pato: The gel is clear because I use Gelrite and not Agar. It is easier for me to spot the contamination early enough (when I dont use PPM). In some pics it is hazy but that is because of opaqu PP containers.
  19. Hi everyone! I took pictures of some drosera jars today: drosera anglica 'Hawaii' drosera glanduligera drosera falconeri (crowded jar) drosera hilaris (turned out to be very weedy species when correct medium is used) drosera afra drosera rotundifolia drosera spatulata var. lovellae (the big plants germinated a bit early, the rest gave 100% germination later) drosera intermedia 'Gran Sabana' drosera trinervia darlingtonia californica on propagation medium drosera burmannii 'Humpty-Doo' drosera burmannii drosera macrantha "Rock outcrop form" x drosera macrantha aff. ssp. cremaea ....some massive germinations: drosera ascendens 'Itarare' drosera tomentosa var. glabrata ...and some latest germinations: drosera regia drosera felix 'Turuku' drosera macrophylla ssp. macrophylla x drosera macrophylla ssp. monantha drosera graminifolia drosera spatulata var. bakoensis drosera planchonii ...the next season will be fun! :-)
  20. Hi, ADAM! I see that your sundews are looking pretty good! The way you are growing pinguicula species is so natural, looks really neat!
  21. I am using PPM free medium now,,have been for some time actually. It is true that PPM can hide many types of contamination and they do show very quickly when switching to PPM free medium. I use PPM free medium from the very first step of introduction of tissue, to make sure there is no contamination present (if it is it shows within days -funghi or months-bacteria). It is harder to produce a contamination-unaffected tisue in a jar without PPM so I can understand why many people use it. it is up to each TCer to decide what suits him the best. PPM may become an issue when trading and replating the cultures though.
  22. Great Work! :-) Hope it grows fast on that solid solution!
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