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  1. Yes I grow them in terrarium placed behind the south-oriented window. The terrarium is always 30% open so they get some air movement because I think they dont like too humid "sticky" atmosphere. Maybe they would grow better on the windowsill? Haven`t tried that yet....

  2. Greetnings! :thanks:

    My drosera lasiantha started to bloom so I would like to share some pics with u:-)

    Also I have a question. I am kind of new with pygmies and love this species. Before it shot its scape it stopped dewing and unfurling new leaves and their agges are yellowish. The one that is not blooming does the same thing so i dont think it is because of it.

    If anyone is growing the same species please let me know how do you grow this pygmy (i mean light humidity watering air circulation.....)

    I enclose some pictures:



  3. Hello Dieter!!! :banging:

    Thanks so much for useful answer! It is such a good feeling to learn something new:-) even though the fact i have nothing to cross lasiantha with is kind of frustrating.

    At the time it is my only pygmy in bloom so I guess I will have to wait for the gemmae. Maybe next time she will produce flowers together with scorpioides:-)

    Good luck growing carnies!!! :Laie_94:

  4. Hi everybody!

    Have a question. Not a veteran when it comes to growing pygmies so excuse me if it sounds kinda stupid to those who have many year's experience with these midgets.

    My drosera lasiantha started blooming for the forst time in my terrarium and i would like to ask whether this species is self-pollinated or do i need another pygmy to do so? I know that propadation is much faster and easier via gemmae but god knows when she will produce some (if ever).

    And if i get to see some seeds what is the best substrate for sowing and germinability of this drosera? Anyone experience with this particular beauty?

    Thanx! :-)

  5. Hi everybody! :shock::P:D

    I habe a question. recently i decided to build myself a nice aquarium filled with various species of CP. So I took apx 70L aquarium and planted in following species:




    D. capillaris










    S.purpurea ssp. venosa

    My goal was to create diversity so some of the droseras are tropical some pygmy atd. I am aware of the fact that each sub-groups of droseras have different demands when it comes to soil substrate and climate. So I made a little experiment, I planted the tropicals which needs high humidity by little water lake so they get more air humidity. Sarracenia, dionaea like moving air so i will put a PC fan in that area and mexican pinguicula is planted on the limestone. To avoid the raise of the pH where droseras grow i put layer of exchanger resin between the pinguicula and drosera substrate. I read somewhere that pygmies dont have to go through dry period to rest. The plants are autside now so they are doing well. Started to make new leaves and dew 3 days after planting. My question is> in the winter they have different temperature demands but i noticed that for trop. droseras minimal temp is around 18C and for binata and co. maximal winter temp is 18C. You think if i keep the temperature in the winter around this value it wont be neccessary to re/plant them for the winter? Thanx:-)

    P.S. I am new here how do I enclose a some pics (not from URL but directly from HD?) thanx:-)

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