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  1. Very beautiful specimens of attractive crosses, Dani! Amazing job creating the hybrids. Perhaps you could attempt the d. ascendens "red" x d.schwackei in the future?
  2. Interesting reading, Dieter. Mentioning the tuber creation, I assume you are talking about post-deflasking tuberisation, not in vitro? For some species it is very difficult to induce tuberisation in vitro, some like d. peltata make tubers without chemical intervention. Which is a paradox because for me d. peltata is one of few species that can be deflasked without tubers with ~100% success. Erect species as a whole are usually easier to acclimatise after potting up. I will be doing some experiments with more tuberous drosera (browniana, rupicola, stolonifera,...) and your post brought me to an idea that it might be easier to acclimatize them under the LED lights. Perhaps a comparing experiment with LED vs. T5 under otherwise identical conditions will be somewhat conclusive. Wish you success and please keep us posted:)
  3. Must have been tons of fun, so jealous! I hope more pictures will come so I have something to feast my eyes on :)
  4. Looks very neat and organized, Dieter. Wonderful plants as well. I have set up something similar in the cold room of the house (just T5s). I dont know about the LEDs, but the T5s heat up the space under the plastic cover (which is desirable for me because the temp reaches about 15-20C). Then, when they are automatically turned off the temperature decreases to 5C. The problem is the water condensation begins then on the surfaces of everything (the electrical equipment including, which is not an optimal state). Do you have any insulation on the electrical ports or you dont have any problem with water inside when you use the LEDs? One more question: How did the d. zigzagia did after deflasking from TC? I only have 50% acclimatisation success with plants deflasked without tuber system. Thanks
  5. Hi, Danny, the reason why I think it is high humidity is that when I grew them in the greenhouse without automatic watering system with air humidity 40%/80% (day/night) they formed somewhat more seeds, the first seedpods. Later in the summer the weather got more arid so I installed watering system (water soaking the mulching bark layer on the bottom of my GH), the humidity elevated to 60%/100% and following seedpods were mostly empty. The insects cannot access inside of the GH easily (there is a shading cloth in the door frame), but I dont think that is much of relevance because from what I know the flowers are self-fertile. I dont grow the Bolivar form so I cannot compare. Other SAm species were producing seeds just fine all season. What is your humidity for this plant? Thanx ;)
  6. They are georgeous Daniel! So many jewels in one post. I have a question,,does your d. kaieteurensis 'Chimanta Tepuis' form seeds easily? Mine flower like crazy all season (sometimes 5 flower stalks per plant), but somehow they produce only few seeds, even when I hand-pollinate them. Maybe it is the elevated air humidity but I am not sure. Thanks for the post :)
  7. I love how beautiful and neatly oganized your collection is! Really outstanding plants!
  8. Hi, if I may give you a piece of advice on this, I think the best and easiest way how to sterilise drosera seeds is: 1.pack the seeds in folded filter paper 2.holding it with forceps, dip it into sterilant, squeeze out any air bubbles 3. leave the packet in sterilisation solution for recommended time 4. remove the packet from solution, squeeze out the residual liquid (using fingers, gloved) 5. insert the packet with seeds in sterile water and open it with forceps, let the seeds sink to the bottom, remove the paper 6. dont use syringe (hard to use it single-handed), use plastic pasteur pipette and transfer the seeds onto agar gel 7. using the pasteur pipette remove the residual water from the gel and close the vessel. You dont need to wash the seeds thoroughly with water, if you have used 1.5%(w/v) NaOCl for sterilisation. Sodium hypochlorite is an unstable compound and small amounts will decompose within a day at room temperature, leaving just NaCl. In case you are wondering what pasteur pipette is : http://en.wikipedia....Pasteur_pipette
  9. For better overview of offered plants, a new updated and re-designed pricelist was created. Happy Growing! :-) www.droseraworld.com
  10. Update: drosera peltata, drosera hartmeyerorum available now :)
  11. The website is updated, with some new species added and also a seedlist. Seedlist will be updated every 2 weeks because new fresh seeds will be soon as most of the plants flower now. I also finished acclimatisation of more plants, so the prices of most offered species dropped (d.alba, d. graminiflolia, d.kaieteurensis, d. camporupestris, etc). The lasiocephala section is available now with attractive crossed and double-crossed species. Happy growing! Dr. Klasovity Dusan www.droseraworld.com
  12. Okay everything is fixed now, up and running. LOrders from last week (taken via email) were sent out on Monday July 9. The "price list" section was added for more convenient shopping and overview. Some prices were updated. Thank you! Happy growing!:)
  13. There is one bug I found and that is that the shipping and handling cost is added for each item, which is, of course, nonsense because the fee is 6 eur per package flat rate to all countries. the problem will be fixed temporarily. Thank you.
  14. Greetings, dear CP enthusiasts! I have been posting here on the forum threads for selling extra plants I had during the season. Now, I finally had time and learned how to make an online store. Please, let me invite you to my new webshop where I offer plants form my nursery. Feel free to take a look and order if there is a plant you desire;-) Happy growing! www.droseraworld.com
  15. thanx:-) Xeno: D. spatulata var. gympiensis forms rosettes that are about 6cm in diameter, when the plant is adult. The flower reaches up to 1.5 - 2cm in diameter.
  16. Thanx, I am glad you like them:-) Here are some pics from today: P. lusitanica d.adelae d.filiformis var. filiformis d.hilaris d.camporupestris d.alba (finished acclimatisation) d.afra ...and some I found flowering: d.sp.Lantau Island d.trinervia d.kaieteurensis 'Chimanta Tepuis' d.spatulata var. gympiensis
  17. drosera burmannii -regular form drosera burmannii "Humpty-Doo" - nice pink colouration drosera burmannii - this is the result of my experiments in the lab, this form of burmannii is gient,,almost 6cm in diameter, very robust plant drosera ascendens 'Itarare,SP,Bra' drosera brevifolia 'Bolsa Nova, Parana' drosera hilaris (small pot) drosera hilaris (large pot) drosera graminifolia , flowering soon drosera rotundifolia 'Boodmin Moor, UK' drosera coccicaulis drosera x tokaiensis drosera sp. Lantau Island drosera trinervia drosera sp.South Africa (Pretty Rosette) drosera natalensis drosera affinis drosera peltata
  18. Hi, CP enthusiasts! It has been some time since I posted here. I have been busy (amongst other things) with building my PCB greenhouse where I keep most of my plants now. All spring I have been deflasking, acclimatizing and potting up the plants and now the collection starting to look nicer. I had time for picture-taking today so let me share some images with you. I hope you like them:-) drosera neocaleodnica drosera paradoxa "Mettalic orange flower" - small plants but impressive blossoms) drosera admirabilis drosera intermedia "Carolina giant" drosera spatulata var lovellae drosera intermedia 'Gran Sabana, VEN' drosera arcturi 'Gelignite Creek,TAS' (the smaller form) drosera anglica "Hawaii" drosera capillaris 'Pontal do Parana' drosera capillaris 'Colombia' drosera madagascariensis drosera spatulata var bakoensis - the smallest "pygmy-like" spatulata with impressive flowers drosera spatulata var gympiensis - one off the droseras with the largest flowers drosera capensis "Albino form" drosera capensis drosera collinsiae
  19. Very beautiful collection and set up, Will!
  20. I am more into drosera myself, but I must admit that you have one of the most beautiful and well-grown plant collections I have ever seen!. Thanx for posting beautiful pics!:-)
  21. Wow, beautiful! Cant wait to see the open flowers:-)
  22. Great work Daniel! That plant looks so unbelievably split in her appearance. From the picture it literally looks like the leaf of camporupestris has been grafted right onto the one of d. spiralis!:-D The hybrids you have produced recently are very attractive. I'd like to get some in my collection. Any chance of availability anytime soon? :)
  23. Very nice and well grown plants. Love the drosera tentaculata looks adorable. BTW, what is the plant next to d.ascendens in the last picture? Looks very attractive:-)
  24. very beautiful plants and shots, thanx Dieter! :-)
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