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  1. Hi Peter!

    Thanx for nice comment. Dielsiana is grown under turbo saving lightbulb, about 10cm from it so she colored up nicely, I really like this pot and plants grown from seeds.

    D. filiformis I grew outside but in the summer, after she set flowers and seeds, went to semi-dormancy already (in july-august), so I placed the pot in cold terrarium where she restarted the growth. The terrarium is kept by permanently opened window, sothe temps there are 2-4C warmer then outside now. It grows smaller leaves, going into dormancy just like yours, but takes longer time to get there.I bet with first temps around zero she will die off just like others. Just need to feed her before she does so:)

  2. Hi there! :-)

    I got bored a bit so I took some pics of my plants today, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:-)







    d.prolifera flower




    d.adelae family


    d.peltata var. peltata


    d.admirabilis (really admirable:-))


    d.tomentosa var. glabrata


    d.rotundifolia (coming out of summer dormancy)






    d.? (the only unidentified plant in my collection, some kind of dielsiana hybrid)


    d.intermedia with friend u.sandersonii


    d.anglica clump (used to be one plant a year ago)






    d.filiformis var. filiformis






  3. hi dorseraman,I grew her outside at that time so some insects might have pollinated it. I remember I pollinated 2 flowers myself just to make sure with a pin. So I am sure you dont need another ascendens in order to obtain seeds:-)

  4. droseraman: thanx, I used to grow her outside to give her as cold nights as possible, but recently I moved her under more intense lights inside and she expanded from 3.5cm in diameter to current almost 8cm. Month ago she produced plenty of fresh seeds, which I have sown on tissue culture media and 10 days later they sprouted and are now producing carnivorous leaves. So it looks like she will get companions soon:-)

  5. But they are spare plants you are selling.

    Before you have sent you have the means to, you are not going out to buy the packaging.

    You know your market, an too added fee's and such on is exploiting your fellow hobbyists.

    Davy, yes, most of the time they are spare plants in our collections. But the spare plants did not just appear there out of nowhere one morning. We have spent money on R/O water, electricity (heat,light), worked and cared for the plants. Some come from TC and the hormones, media and other things are not cheap either. If I want to sell a high quality plant, it is going to cost me. If someone wants to buy a nice plant, he is going to pay for it. I have to pay for the plants,too you know;-) The money for such sale are going to serve as mean of getting another plant in possession. I dont believe anyone here has bought a yacht or a house on French Riviere out of money coming from selling plants on CPUK;-)

    And yes, I am going to buy new packaging everytime, because I want the plant to make it to new owner in one piece and with as little harm as possible.

    I dont think anyone is exploiting anybody here. It is so simple, buy it or leave it.

    Of course, I have seen posts here where the price didnt seem very reasonable to me, but who am I to judge? Dont know how much money the person invested into buying and propagating the plant. (Unless he bought from you-then I know it was for free;-)))

    My point is: money is just an other means of swap here in the hobbyist community for most of the people, so please dont accuse anyone of exploitation. Thank you.

  6. Thanx folks!

    Anderson: my d. graomogolensis starts to complain when the temps go over 25C for longer than 4 days. If she gets at least cool nights (10-15C), she can take it hotter during the day. But currently we are having 30sday/20s night, which she dont like at all. S|he does not undergo an "official dormancy", I only call it that for the sake of resemblance of her behaviour to the droseras that do go dormant (or semi-dormant). She loses her dew and the leaves might get curled yellow tips and grows slower. I learned that when put into cold conditions she comes back and restores vigorous growth again, so this "semi-dormancy" is not life-threatening if not maintained for too long.

    Gardenofeden: thank you for the advice on the camera. Mine is just about the simplest machine ever, (4functions?:-)) so I cannot expect miracles. Although I should have removed the plants from under the yellow lights before taking a pic;-) Lazy me:-)

    Cas: thank you:-) The pebbles are actually not just a landscape topping. It is the substrate, what the plants grow in. Only deeper they are mixed with fine sand and 5%peat. I noticed this substrate is great for some petiolaris, it drains water excellently, it slows down drying out the substrate when plants go dormant and the pebbles on the top help maintain better temp regime of the substrate,,,plus it is easy on the eye:-)

  7. Hi Anderson!

    Thanx:-). Both d.graomogolensis are still alive:-) Currently we have a hot summer weather and since i cannot accommodate them in cold conditions, they are semi-dormant, but look OK. Growth is much slower but i suppose with cooler september nights it will come back as strong as ever:-)

  8. Hey I have some pubescent seedling i took pictures of today and would like to share w/you:

    drosera adelae


    drosera intermedia


    drosera burmannii


    drosera collinsiae (real one, not nidiformis)


    vars. of d. peltata



    ...a few adult lasiocephalas:

    drosera ordensis


    drosera paradoxa & drosera derbyensis


    drosera falconeri (taken leaves for TC:-))


    I hope you like them! :-)

  9. Just so you see this really works, here is a picture of the plants 2 weeks later:


    All plants thriving, mother plant put up 3 new pitchers since then and daughter plants are growing continuously as well:-) All fed LAAmix (except the 2 juvenile plants, see they are a bit behind but they will catch up with the others once they develop adult pitchers so I can feed them too:-)))

  10. Wow those plants are really outstanding! Your greenhouse must be the coolest place on the face of the Earth for any CP enthusiast! (also great place for relax too:-)) One day I will have something similar too (if i dont spend all my money on booze, cigarets and ......) just kidding:-)

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